Instagram-Worthy Photo Spots in Busan, South Korea

The most beautiful photo-worthy locations and photo ideas in Busan city, South Korea.

Are you an Instagrammer or an inspired travel photographer and you are traveling to Busan, South Korea?

Then this photo-guide is for you.

I was looking for the most beautiful photo places in Busan while getting ready for my last trip and studied various articles and blog spots in the cyberspace scouting the locations, however, I could not find any decent guide. So I have created my own and here is it.

I have been to Busan several times and I love Instagramming. I think Busan is still somewhat underexplored and not-a cliche destination and that's what I love about this place.

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Haeundae Beach

It is the best beach in Busan and there is a long walk around it with a Jetty in one end and the walking track to the APEC building.

There are plenty of pretty photo spots along the walk. You can go down to the water or take a photo from the uphill.

Paradise Hotel.

This hotel is one of a kind hotels in Busan. It is also one of the most expensive ones, but it totally worth it. Many local and international tourists come here for a weekend to enjoy the stay-cation, gorgeous views, the infinity pools and the spa with colourful mineral pools.

It is undoubtedly one of the most photo-worthy spots in Busan. If you are not staying at this hotel, you can simply purchase a pass into the pools without staying at the hotel, which is around $40 USD, I believe. If you would like to enjoy it's fullest and avoid crowds, avoid weekends and public holidays.



Hyatt Dining Room Bar

HYATT Busan has a stunning view of the city's iconic Diamond Bridge and it is definitely a photo-worthy place.

Honestly, I did not really enjoy dining here on my last visit to their Dining Room restaurant if you are after a good service, but this place is definitely worth to come for a quick drink and a photo snap. Everything is just about the view.

They have a bar on one level, where you can order some teas, coffees and/or cocktails and the restaurant at another level - all at the top of the building.


Gamcheon Village

Gamcheon Village is a Busan's Machu Pichu, it is a fantastic and almost a surrealistic place to explore.

It is something you will not find anywhere else in the world with lots of cool photo opportunities. So do not miss a chance to go there if you are in Busan.

Here is my video from Gamcheon Village. 

Busan Tower

Busan Tower is the highest building in Busan, where you can watch the city from the bird's eye panoramic view.

They have recently renovated and upgraded this place and added some cool photo spots on your way back down.

I do not really like the tacky touristy photos they offer snapping you against the green wall, where they photoshop the view in, so I have avoided it, but you can do it for fun if you like.

Choose a sunny clear day and ideally, a weekday to visit for better visibility.

Gwangalli Beach & RoseLand Cafe

Gwanalli Beach is a white sand beach with a bridge view. It is a second nicest beach in Busan after Haeundae and there are a nice walk and lots of things happening around.

I have found a very pretty photo spot here upstairs at the Roseland cafe where you can have some coffees and snacks and enjoy the beautiful views on the bridge and the beach. They have some cute settings here including flower arch and pretty coffee servings on the glass tray with some green leaves branches, which is quite creative I think. The menu is very simple here, but it is enough to take an insta-worthy shot.

They also have all kind of chargers here if you need to charge your phone or any other device, which is very handy, especially if you are out snapping photos all day.


Racoon Cafe

This is super fun and unique place, where you can take a selfie with a racoon. You will need to order a drink first, which includes an admission fee and it's around USD $7-10. You can have a coffee or a smoothie and a snack or a dessert if you like.

You will need to take off all your jewellery as racoons can still it :) and also remove everything from your pockets for the same reasons.

I have found racoons a very lazy and looking slightly overweighted, so I would not give them any more food. I found all of them sleeping and not interested in any treats we offered (you can purchase it at the counter), but we took a few photos. You can not really lift them as Racoons not seem to be happy with being held. They are completely domesticated and I still have mixed feelings about the ethics aspect of this entertainment, so I would ask you to be very gentle with them in case if you go there and do not annoy the animals too much.


Songdo Sky Park and Cable Cars Ride

It was my first time here and I have instantly fallen in love with this place!

Apparently, it has just been opened very recently and everything is pretty and new, and these views... they just will never get old!

I think you will be impressed with a ride, the views and the glass floor at the cabin.

They have 2 kinds of cabins - a glass floor, 20,000 Won ride and the normal floor, 15,00o Won.

Avoid weekend to avoid crowds and purchase a return ticket for a cable car. The ride is only a few minutes, but it should be enough to enjoy the views and to take some great photos and videos.

Shinsagae Mall Rooftop

Shinsagae Centum City Mall in Busan is not only the largest department store in the world and it's great for shopping, but it is also a great photo location.

They have some cool and urbanistic looking design and also a beautiful roof-top Jurassic Park! The attractions in the park are great for the kids, and moreover, it has a wonderful view of the city and the river. I know, I have a few bird-eye view locations here already, but they all have different views and additional 'bonus' photo spots. For example, here you can take a photo next to the kids' carousel or a surrealistic pic with the dinosaurs or it's a skeleton.

Hilton Busan

Hilton Busan is a pretty new hotel addition to Busan's hospitality scene.

They have some scenic vies here and gorgeous interiors - worthy to photograph. There is no sandy beach here and it more rocks surface and this location is sort of remote, but they have absolutely stunning views here.

images from Instagram: and @Kainspiration

Cafe Roof Top

This place was just created for Instagram-worthy spots!

Not a bad marketing strategy I think :)

They have a well-thought beautifully designed backdrops and props and, of course, worthy gorgeous sea views.

Images: @wan_0904 @Miamai__smile and @framboise75006 on Instagram.

See This Location on Instagram Map

Big Pink Doors in Seomeyon

Busanjin-gu area. Located in front of La Mia Prima Vera Italian restaurant (great pasta there btw!).

Busan Seomeyon Insta spots


Please, let me know what would you add to my list!


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Images are my own unless credited otherwise.

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    The picture in the blog are amazing and Busan seems to be a fabulous place for a vacation. The Boutique hotels, beach and Busan tower is worthy to visit on a trip to Busan .

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