55 items you need for Camping. Complete Checklist √


As far as we do lots of road trips lately, I would like to share our checklist with you in case if you plan to do one and not sure what to pack. We are still quite new to it, but already understood and learned a lot. This info would be interesting for you if you’ve started recently or just planning to start to do road trips and camping. It is great fun and it is a good way to discover and explore places, rather than travel by plane. If you travel around by car, you won’t need to rent a car from when you arrive at a new destination, because you have yours. You can also fit more stuff into your car and a trunk than into the aeroplane cabin or luggage. You will need more stuff though. Here is the ultimate list for you (and for us) to make a self-check if we have not forgotten anything.

Camping Australia. What to take with you?

Last time camping in Yuraygir, during Christmas time, we’ve packed down in rush and forgot a few things. So here is the checklist for ourselves and for you guys too if you would like to use it and modify it you are welcome.
If you are going camping but do not know what do you need to take, or if you already have some stuff and do not want to forget anything, compare our list to yours, this information is for you.
These are the basics things adjusted for comfortable camping (without kids). For a couple or friends travel.

I. Campground.

Camping essentials


(click on a pic to see the details)


1)  Tent & Gazebo
2)  Chairs
3)  Table *
4) Mattress
5) Linen (x2)
6) Pillows
7) Blanket
 8) Lights, torch
9) Eskie & ice
10) drinking water gallon
11) 2-4 Water gallons (2x drinking and 2x for washing the staff and shower).
12) Power bank
13) Adapters
14) Garbage bags
15) Repellent/mosquito coil
16) Portable shower**
 * table is not something that is very necessary, in many campgrounds,there are tables for the visitors. However, sometimes there is no table available and it is always better to have your own.

**Usually there are showers at the campground, but not always. Or, there is no hot water in the shower and last time we went to Diamond Head, it was almost 40 degrees outside, but the water in the shower was surprisingly cold. It is more necessary for the girls, cause I can not wash my hair properly with cold water.
And I was struggling last time, this time we’ve got the solar power portable shower, 20$ and 10 after discount. All you need to do – just live it at the sun and when you take a shower, the water comes down under the gravity. It is not the best shower I have to say, but it is something that can help.

II. Kitchen

Camping kitchen essentials



17)  Dishes
18) Cups
19) Cutleries
20) Moka pot***
21) Coffee
22) Tee
23) Sugar
24 Salt
25) Pepper
26) Paper towels/ tea towels
27) Pan & Pot
28) BBQ kit
29) Dishwashing sponge
30) Organic biodegradable soap (normal soap usually is not suitable for the environment)
31) Portable gas stove
32) Gas (Butan)
*** best morning start from a cup of a freshly brewed coffee (my boyfriend is Italian :) ). Seriously, you can take a pack of Nescafé, of course, but it is super unhealthy.


III. Groceries

33) Bread
34) Pasta/ Rice
35) Boiled eggs
36) Green salad
37) Ham
38) Cheese
39) Canned tuna
40) Wines
41) bbq: sausages, steaks/ burgers, mushrooms
42) Olive oil

IV. Personal 

Travel Essentials. Camping


43) Book
44) Organic biodegradable body wash/ shampoo & conditioner
45) Toothpaste/toothbrush
46) Sunscreen
47) After lotion/ body cream
48) Warm clothes for the evening/night, long pants for mosquitos (hoodie, jeans, sneakers)
49) Sunnies
50) Cameras, batteries, memory cards
51)  Raincoat
52) Beach Towels
53) Speaker (JBL)
54) First Aid kit
55) Lip Balm
Tips on how to set your camp like a pro:
Setting the camp and your tent, pick a space next to a tree to get a bit of shade. Try to forecast or ask someone around what’s the sun trajectory and where is it rising from. You will understand where is it better to have shade from. For example, summertime sun is rising from 6 am and heating your tent – so we have to set a gazebo relatively to the sun, in order to be same with the wind – check the wind forecast and the direction. Set your tent close to the big trees or the forest to get less wind (really saved us in a stormy night). It is important to clean the barbecue properly after you use it with respect to other people and to the shared space.



In this video,I am explaining which equipment do we use for camping. You can also see our last road trip to Yuraygir National Park (600 km away from Sydney).

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