How to Find Your Best Career Path and Your Dream Job

If you look for a job this post is for you.

I have tried many techniques in job hunting and here is what helped me.

I totally love my job and here is what will help you to love yours, or to find the work that you’ll love.

Do you know exactly what your dream job is? If yes, skip to part II.

If you’re still not sure what exactly your dream job is like – read part one.

Are you considering looking for a new job, but have no idea how to find something you will love?

Yes, you need to find the one you’ll love, otherwise, what is the point? Work is a huge part of our life, but, as we all know – when you love what you do, you will never work. You will do something you like. No one wants not to have any regrets about wasted years in their future.

If you still wonder how do less skilled people than you get good jobs you do not get, here are the tips for you.




How do you find the work you love? Find something you enjoy doing.

First of all, you will need to find out what you enjoy doing. You can also think what is important for you. For example, if you love animals, you can even work for a cruelty-free beauty brand or something. If you do work for a good cause, you will be more happy in your life. You will love what you do more. Even if you do something like accounting, you still can find a job where you will enjoy doing it.


Try Yourself in Different Fields


You never know until you try. If you’re still not sure what you’d like to do or what are you good at – do not be afraid of trying. Do volunteering, internships, part-time jobs in different fields. Even if you want to be an event organiser, start from hosting shifts or floor staff or assistant. Complete various courses in some fields you like.

I never knew something like blogging would lead me to a digital marketing career. I was unsure of what to do for a while. I had this blogging hobby, and I just blogged, because I sincerely enjoyed it. I constantly learn about it, I read educational materials, and I do online courses.

Now let’s talk about getting into the professional loop to get into the desired professional field and to get that awesome dream job.


Surround Yourself with the Right People


People often make a mistake to hang around with people who do not understand what you do and do not sincerely support you. Even if your friends and family truly love you, if they do not understand that you want to be a movie actor, it is not good for you.

It is extremely important that you find people with same interests. This will boost your confidence, motivation, and proficiency. It might be funny; I was shy and humble to tell people I have a blog. Now I advertise it, and I am always happy to discuss blogging with people who understand me.

I learn something new from other fellow bloggers and digital marketers and share my knowledge with them. It feels damn good. I love sharing my little eurekas with others, hoping it will help someone. That is why I blog, and that is why I am sharing this particular post with you guys.

This leads us to the following tip:


Socialise More


Meet people, talk to people. Find out what your acquaintances do, and what do they enjoy the most in their work.

Share your time with people who are important for you. Make sure you network as much as possible and to meet new people. You never know if you will meet your future investor at the same cafe where you work :) Any of your peers you stay in touch will be more likely to work with someone who they already know, versus hiring people from the street. That is the fact. Did you know 80% of all jobs in Australia are not advertised and go to people within the networks. Impressive, huh?

What you can also do is – find professional online societies within your interests and see people are talking about, join the conversation. You can find their information about meet-ups, conferences, workshops and other events, where you can network and share your time with people with the same interests. You can check Facebook or Linkedin groups to find those.

Set Your Goals

We all know this, but not all of us set clear goals. Impossible is nothing, and you will be amazed how your approach will change setting a goal. If you think you want to get a job that requires a lot of experience, skills you do not have – no problems. Set a goal of how you can get there. Learn the skills they require for this position and start acquiring those skills.

One of my friends always wanted to work with Google, and she worked in advertising. She found out that Google required an experience in the advertising agency, so she started the job in one of those. Guess where she is now? Correct. Why? Because she had a goal.

Modifying your goals during your career journey is okay. I did not know I will enjoy doing Hospitality Marketing until I completed several steps and the puzzles came together into one clear picture. I previously did an internship in events, promotions, and PR, while I was at uni doing my Bachelors. Then when I have moved to Australia. I had to work part time in hospitality as many other students due to the flexibility of casual position. After 3 years in hospitality, I have learned a lot from inside about the industry and about what brings people to the venues. Now I have found an exciting restaurant marketing opportunity, which requires hospitality background.

After 3 years of uni, many of my peers faced the issue of irrelevancy of my old school marketing theory knowledge in this digital era.

Your degree can be substantial, but do not rely solely on your diploma and a graduate status if you have chosen a uni-path.

Do a Proper Research


Open, for example, website and start your research on requirements for the positions you want to get.

In my case, I have noticed a trend: majority of the positions require Google Analytics and Google AdWords knowledge. So, I did not wait and completed free online courses by Google straight away.

Then, they usually require design skills too. But I have never learned the design before? This was one of the pitfalls. Here, you do not have to give up but have to think how you can get this knowledge. I have downloaded the software and started watching YouTube tutorials and practicing. It was not easy from the beginning, but after a few days and some hours, you will learn how to get a particular skill.

Another example – if you apply for a hotel reception, they require Opera software skills. Just watch some tutorials and pass an online course. Someone starts somewhere. You will get more experience at your job of course, but you will already have some base for your CV and some positive answers on your interview.


Use LinkedIn


Use LinkedIn to create and polish your professional profile and also to do your research.

Check profiles of people who do jobs that you’d like to do. See their achievements and accomplishment and set some of your goals recreating their path. For example, some cool digital marketers have their Google Certificates; Hub Spot online courses certificates and specialised software knowledge. If you want to be a marketer – consider completing these courses and get those certificates.

It is the same in any other profession. You can find out everything from responsibilities to professional people personal statements, and their career passes to get your hints!


Polish Your Resume


You can not believe how many more calls and interview invitations I have got as soon as I have fixed my resume professionally.

Decent resume services is an investment that is worth it. Resume services are usually done by recruiters who knows exactly what other recruiter look at. You might have a poor experience and skills, but a sparkling resume can get you a dream job.

I have recently used INDIE Resume services, and they helped to correct my resume. It looks much clearer and easier to read. It is understood that recruiters are busy people. They see hundreds of resumes everyday. If you stand out and provide your outstanding skills explicitly, you will have greater chances to be hired.

This is an extremely important step. Many skilled people lose their chance to get the desired position with their wrongly structured resumes.

I have use INDIE resume services to revise my resume and I instantly have more calls for interviews. They outline your essential skills for your dream job and make your resume more meaningful and easy to read for recruiters to get noticed.

Be Creative

If your profession requires creative skills – create an online infographic resume with your portfolio. I used Canva to create my digital marketing resume. Many of employers will remember you over the other candidates if you will offer them something creative to your polished resume.

Many of the positions actually ask you to provide your website, even if it is not essential for your job. You also have an ability to mention your website on LinkedIn. Think of creating your web page with your portfolio or even just sharing useful professional content, such as articles, infographics, inspirational photos/ quotes or interviews – whatever is relevant to your dream job. If the recruiter sees it, they will be more sure this is what you are really interested and good at.

Be Smart Online

Make sure your social media profiles look appropriate or make them private. Recruiters often check your social media if they consider your candidature.

Next online tip – tell to your friends online about your skills and that you look for a job. Make a post with your achievement and thankfulness for what you achieved. For instance, I’ve been announced by LinkedIn as one of the top marketing coordinators in Sydney. I was surprised and shared it on Facebook. I did not do anything, in particular, to be in top 20, but my profile was filled out properly, and my relevant skills and education pushed me to the top.

When I made this announcement on Facebook, I’ve got a great feedback from my network. Everyone knows now I do marketing and I am great at it :) I can also see when my friends always post about their achievements at work, whenever they made a great sale or if they just share their love to what they do. I love to cheer them up, and you instantly see and have people with your love in their mind. If I need a real estate agent, I will call one of my Facebook friends who always post about properties, rather than someone else who is quiet about their jobs.

Examples: If some of my friends will say on Facebook he/she looks for the job and another of my friend will post on Facebook that he/she is currently looking for a personal assistant, guess what will happen? You have probably noticed when people look for recommendations or services on Facebook; they get referred to someone from their network. One of my friends was traveling to Thailand for a fashion shoot and looked for a stylist there. I knew one, and I was happy to comment on Facebook and connect talents.

If this makes sense to you – post on Facebook, you look for a job. Or keep posting about your achievements and competencies, so your networks will call you first.


Get Professional Career Help


If you’re still not sure – schedule an appointment with a recruitment consultant or find a career coach to help to underline your relevant skills and to extract your best competencies from your previous experience.

For example, I did not mention in my previous application I have actually had my own business. For a simple reason, I did not keep going developing it, and the business failed. It looks like something you should not be proud of. However, one of the recruitment agents recommended adding this after interviewing me and listening to my story. The reason is many recruiters like when people have initiative and an entrepreneur souls. I am very thankful I have found an agency who gave me many valuable advises about how to position myself on the market. You might have some of the awesome skills that you do not even guess you can write down in your CV, which help you to stand out.

Give a call to a recruitment agency and see if they can interview you and give you a piece of advice. One of the agencies I like is INDIE. Get in touch with them and fix your resume.


Dress For Success


This is an obvious one, but you can not imagine how many people show up for an interview looking inappropriate and sometimes not even bothering to bring the copy of your resume with you. Think in advance of what you are going to wear and your attire is ironed in advance, your resume is printed out, and your shoes are polished.


Think Positive


Everyone know the job searching process is not the easiest part of your life. Searching for job is a hard work. Making research, adjusting your cover letter and resume, applying and going to the interviews is usually stressful. You will also have some negative answers. This is a part of the game. Nevertheless, it is very important to stay confident and positive.

Have you ever heard of Law of Attraction? Study law of attraction and try to change the way of thinking about your dream job. It definitely works for me. Sooner you accept and percept yourself as a great and competent specialist and think positively, sooner you will get your dream job.

Law of attraction explanation video part about success & jobs.

Here is a video about a personal experience in job success applying the Law of Attraction.


Last, but not least, good luck with your job! Remember, success does not come by itself and it requires hard work to be done.

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