How to change your image background with mobile phone

A few quick & easy ways to change the background.

Whether you need to replace the sky or add an Instagram-worthy mural wall or photoshop yourself in Paris (lol) – these methods will help to work with your photo backdrop using only your mobile device.

All you need is your smartphone or tablet and there is no special graphic design or Photoshop knowledge is required.


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Here are a few methods to try:

1. Facetune2 Backdrop

This is the easiest method, however, the app is available only from the Apple Store and it’s paid.

If it is ok for you – then open your image in the Facetune2 app. Choose Backdrop, click Auto and then choose your photo hitting the ‘photo’ button.

How to replace photo backdrop mobile phone



The most important things you need to keep in mind replacing your background:

Ideally, you will need to make sure the front and the back photos were taken with similar lighting. Then, after combining your photos, you will need to add a filter on top to even the tones out, so it looks like the same place and makes sense. If you have a cold background with blue lights and the person in the front will have warmer lights and pink lights, it will look fake. So keep it real and wait before posting until you will make sure it looks realistic. Here you may also like to use a dodge and burn tool from Snapseed to add some additional highlights and shadows accordingly to the source of lights.

2. Quickshot by Enlight app

This app has lots of sky backdrops and replaces it in seconds quite precisely where your sky is!


Replacing the sky with mobile phone


3. Snapseed Double Exposure

Snapseed is one of the most powerful photo editor app for the mobile phone. It is available for Apple and Android devices and it is one of the first apps ever to edit mobile phone images.

I edit all my photos with Snapseed starting with the lights and curves correction.


If you are in the social media world and have not tried this app – it’s time to check it out.


Anyways, let’s see how you can replace your background with Snapseed.


Snapseed Double Exposure Work: Tools – Double Exposure. Add photos that you would like to use.

Hit tick-okay, than on the top right hit the reverse edits and choose ‘view edits’. Choose Double exposure, then use the brush to draw the desired areas so the image partially appears on your photo. If you need to erase something, simply choose 0% instead of 100% in the middle on the bottom.

Here I have added the volcano, I just could not see it because of the clouds and it was slightly on the side behind the bush :)

I have added some pink lights to even everything out because my volcano photo was taking on a sunset with different light and if I would simply photoshop it into the left photo it would not make sense, right?

Open photo in Snapseed, go to tools and then choose Double Exposure on the bottom.

instagram bloggers style photo mobile retouching tutorial


4. Pixart

It is a free app which is available for Apple and Android users.

All the Instagram bloggers used to replace the boring sky to the peachy pinky sunsets using these apps.


Open your background image then hit Add photo on the bottom menu and then choose eraser icon the top. Now start erasing the areas around your object.

You can lower the image opacity so you can see where you need to erase.

You can choose the brush if you need to draw back some areas if needed.


This is one of the latest apps more and more Instagrammers are secretly using to replace their backdrops.

It is very easy to make very precise cuts outs and replace the backgrounds or add the objects.

You can zoom in a lot and then use the soft brush to make smoother edges, so no one would ever notice there is anything photoshopped into the photo.

Just make sure not making that mistake like one Instagram blogger who inserted herself into the New York with the views to the World Trade Center and it was meant to be many years after they were destroyed…

So I am against lying, but I am not against art and describing the location’s best features where I am now.

Here is a step by step app on how to use it:

1. Hit Background and add your main image.

2. Hit Foreground and add the secondary image that you would like to add

3. Hit Mask and choose erase. Roughly erase the item you’d like to add. Hit Invert – second from the left on the bottom menu here.

Hit foreground and move and resize the object as needed.

Choose Mask again, zoom the image in and erase the unnecessary parts and drawback what is missing.

You can adjust the brush on the bottom right adjustments bars panel here. You can enlarge some subjects on your photos this way or add any objects. Lastly, hit the three bars on the bottom left and hit ‘flatten to background’. Remember that you can not reverse this action.

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