Choosing a Gym

I love exercising on a fresh air, however, it is often easier and more convenient to exercising in the gym. There is no excuse for a rain or wind. You can take a shower or have a drink, use a bathroom or your locker any time and have an access to lots of equipment.

If you are thinking of signing up for a gym membership and checking your neighbourhood gyms, this post is for you.

What criteria should you consider choosing a Gym?

It’s almost 20 years I’ve been a fitness addict (from time to time) and going to various gyms around the world.

I have even done a course in Fitness instructor and I have also worked at the gym as a receptionist for 2 years while completing my bachelor degree.

Exercising definitely makes you feel better.

Here is a good motivation for you: instead of the reasons why don’t go to the gym – think of the reasons why you should go. Even one positive reason is better than 10 negative ones.

I hope gym owners and manager can consider this fact to improve their gyms or to build an amazing facility.

Here is what can make your gym better and why you can even charge more for the membership.

What you need to consider choosing a gym

1. First of all, I consider location – if the gym is too far from home or work, you will have more reasons not to go and eventually quit :). So it has to be in a convenient location.

2. Cleanliness and smell. Even though the gym may be super close to you and easy to go to if it is not clean enough and if it is smelly – who wants to go there? So: ensure there is a good ventilation, air conditioning and cleaning procedure in place. Check the changing rooms and showers before purchasing a membership. I had a perfect example when I had a few cheap and smelly gyms close to where I was and so I was driving or taking an hour train to go to a beautiful and nicely scented gym with lots of air and a nice view as well, which actually cost much much more. I could not go too often though. So I wish all the gyms could suit my criteria.

3. How busy are the classes and is there a queue for any machines in the gym in the time that you plan to visit the gym? I’ve been to some gyms with a super cheap membership, but the trick was – you had to wait for using a treadmill or ellipse or even weights for a while and literally stay in line – this was ridiculous! I had to quit, there was no money back and I invested in a better more expensive, but more pleasant gym subscription

4. How busy are the classes? If you plan to attend yoga, pilates, pump or any other group exercises – have a look in a room while the class is on and see how much empty space is there. I personally hate attending a class with 40 people in it, yes it is profitable for a gym, but it is simply ridiculous. There is usually not enough air and the instructor can not help you if you are doing something wrong and going to injure yourself. I would personally pay a little more to attend 10-15 people class or less, but having some more leg room and not to think that I am going to kick someone or to be kicked instead of concentrating on my body and an exercise.


These are the major factors that I can name.

There are also many additional points that will make your exercise more pleasant and give more points to a fitness centre.

5. Is the staff attentive and they are happy to give you a little consultation and a tour around? Usually, it is supposed to be included and provided when you make a subscription. You will feel more comfortable navigating yourself at the beginning, many of us can be unsure and insecure in the new places, especially when it is regarding health or weight loss :)  A friendly staff is always a plus.

6. Blowdryers in the change rooms is a great bonus, sometimes some gyms offer hair straighteners, which is cool! In a couple of gyms, I have attended in South Korea the attention to details are so perfect – they even offer body lotion, some cotton buds and even hairbrush that are stored in the sanitising UV devices.

7. A working iron and ironing board is a plus.

8. A possibility to rent a towel can save you if you forgot a towel, which does happen sometimes to anyone. This may also bring a little bit more profit to the gym. You can simply be having a washing machine or bring the towels to a laundry. This may be a little pricey, but some people will be happy to pay to have a towel when they in a desperate need, trust me! :)

9. Is there any filtered refill water station? Water is extremely important when exercising. Ensure there is a good drinking water, otherwise, you will have to carry yours with you and would not be able to refill if you run out.

10. I love when there is a healthy cafe at the gym, where a bartender can shake a protein cocktail for you or serve a fresh juice, where you can buy a guarana shot or some people like drinking L-Carnitine for a weight loss. You can chill down a little after exercise or have something energizing before if you have not had a chance to eat earlier. You can also socialise with your peer fitness students and make new friends :)

So fitness cafe is definitely a plus.

11. It is a good practice when purchasing a gym you have a short complimentary personal training included, so the trainer provides you with an introduction to all the equipment and a few exercises. It is a good idea to provide two of these, so the patron wants more and subscribes for personal training it is a win-win for everyone. Without this service, the visitor will unlikely purchase any personal training.


Do you have anything, in particular, to add to my list?

Would you like to know more about my favourite workouts, exercise and diet? Let me know in the comment and let’s discuss this and get fit together ;)


Oh and my current gym is Noosa Aquatic Center – It is kind of basic and nothing luxury, like blow dryers, hair straightener or body lotion :)

But it spacious and almost never busy (apart of a couple of evenings a week). You can always call the reception and ask how is the situation with a capacity on your preferred time to feel confident you will have enough room. There are 3 swimming pools and you can’t ask for more.


In collaboration with Ashbourne Fitness Clubs Membership Management

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