How get into the Christmas Spirit!

It’s all about Christmas! Christmas is one of the biggest holidays and I want you guys to have that Christmas mood.

Are you anxious about Xmas? Sometimes we are too busy or too lazy or something else and then suddenly Christmas is here and everything is over, and you end up like you did not even have any Christmas. Do you know that feeling?

Even though you are not a child anymore and, perhaps, do not believe in Santa, you can still be excited about Christmas and get festive. For those, who are from a snowy background, where a Christmas and New Year Eve are always associated with the snow and a Christmas Fairy Tail around is even more difficult to feel the Christmas if you know what I mean.  You will understand me even if you’ve even ever been once in New York or in Europe in December or January when there are so many decorations and Xmas mood is in the air.

Santa waiting for a snow!

Do not miss this Christmas mood, to get it you will need to work on it. A few years in a row I was celebrating Christmas and a New Year eve in Summer surrounded by palms, beaches and 30 degrees.  It feels like I did not even have a Christmas for a few years. The damn Grinch has stolen it!

 So Christmas is here and I am sharing with you my ways of how to get into that Christmas mood and ask for your tips and suggestion too!


Tips and tricks.



Music can make your day and can change your mood. Here is a Christmas playlist for you to tune your mood. I vote for Less more party songs and less boring ballads! )

Christmas santa baby_



Champagne is the main attribute of the NYE and any anniversary, holiday and something exciting. Change your dinner glass of wine or beer to a glass of sparkling! It will boost your mood and you will realize that Christmas is closer to you now!  :)



Make a wish, but better create a Wish List!

You can use Polyvore – it is an application for creating fashion, magazine-like looking collages and more

So in case if anyone can see what you would like to get – there is more possibility to get it. If no one gets a surprise for you – at least you know what you want and you can make a gift for yourself or set your saving goals. Many of you might agree – the better you see and know what you want – there is more chance that you will get it. Visualising makes magic, trust me!



Christmas is the biggest giving day in the whole year. So do not forget about the others. Shopping time is always exciting. You will save your time and effort if you will use one of the Christmas gift guides that are available online. Here is mine. Do not forget about help for those who really need it and do some charity if you have such an opportunity – it will make you happier and some other people too!

Try to go shopping in the morning – so you will find less traffic in stores and less stress, or shop online (check how long is the delivery time). Gift-giving is very exiting, show your care about those who are important for you!

Dancing Santa



Candles and Christmas lights will help to create a special ambience.

Set up some candles around the house. Wrap some fairy lights around the windows, mirrors and doors. Great Christmas addition candles are Zara – Ginger Bread candle or Glass House – Night Before Christmas.

Mine arrived a little late after Christmas, so I have extended my Christmas mood :)

zara candle




Christmas coffee!

 I am not a very big fan of Starbucks, but Every Christmas I get at least one coffee from them in the original Christmas cup lol. That’s a great marketing idea, and lots of us getting that Christmas cup. You can also make your own coffee mix with some cinnamon and pumpkin syrups at home.

Christmas coffee


Watch/re-watch some movies involving Christmas and lots of snow. Classics and new movies can work.

In Bruges 2008

Grinch 2000

The Holiday 2006

Holiday Inn 1942

Scrooged 1988

Batman returns 1992

Edward Scissorhands 1990

Home Alone

Nightmare before Christmas


I love rewatching old movies as I also find inspiration for outfit ideas :)

Xmas movies


Visit Christmas installations in your city.

9. Eat something sweet.

It’s celebration time! Even if you are counting calories, at least have a bite, otherwise, life is too boring! Christmas is about chocolates, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel and more. At least do a healthy smoothie with some cinnamon and vanilla spices :)


Let me know what do you normally do to create your Christmas mood? What are your favourite soundtracks, movies, rituals and musts? Very curious to know and to add to this list!



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