Diamond shine


Today’s another girly post – I am sharing an idea for a cute glittery long-lasting manicure


DIY Prom long lasting Manicure


Glittery nails Top Shop

Top Shop make up glitters

Diamond strengh manicure

Products I’ve used:

1.  TOP SHOP “Space Cowboy” face glitters (silver).

2. Base Coat Sticky start by Creative –

 One of the best nails treatment I have ever tried – it is s great treatment broken and thin nails, that really works.

3. Revlon Colorstay. N170 “Coastal surf”.

 Long-lasting coat, I wear it about a week without any chipping.

4. Top Coat, Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

 When I apply this top coat, my nails look really shiny and people ask me if I’ve just made gel mani done.

It looks really good and really helps your manicure last longer.

5. Essenсe express dry drops.

Pic AFTER 5 days it still looks great:

This nail art will be a great idea for any event, for example, NYE or a prom. You can buy similar glitters at the art shops, Red Dot or Dollar King or on eBay.


September 2020 update

I am still using the Essence oil to dry my nail polish! It is still $5 and it is the best cheapest pharmacy product for the nails in Australia.

I keep purchasing it for years! This was not an ad and absolutely free endorsement :)

Moreover, that Revlon Colorstay nail polish is still one of the best and long-lasting nail polish I’ve ever used.

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  1. anna - 06.08.2014

    wow! love it! gotta try

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