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Getting ready for Australian Summer 2016 with Sammydress

Winter is over in Australia and I am thinking of our future trips to new destinations and gorgeous beaches. When the sun heats up this continent a bit more, my beach bag is ready for new adventures and of cause, for styling your snaps =)

Here are my updated beach bag essentials and things you will love.

Donut (worry) beach towel.

This towel will make your casual beach day more fun. You probably have seen those in Instagram and wonder where you can get it from. I’ve found one place, where you have to spend some time to find something good, but if you know what you want – you will find it.

These beach towels and bikinis have arrived in only a week after I’ve ordered it, which is quite fast for international delivery. In contrast to a regular towel, this one is made of thin fabric, which does not drag any send into your bag (my bag is always fool of sand after I throw a normal beach towel in it). It is designed for laying/ sitting on it, so you will also need a towel for dry yourself after a swim.

This donut is light and it’s easy to carry it with you. And the bonus is – it looks insanely cool on photos 🙂 Where to buy donut towel cheapWhere to buy boho round beach towel cheap

There is a choice of these towels with various prints, such as trendy boho ‘gypsy’ styles, watermelons and other cool designs. The best thing about it – it only costs about 6-12 AUD. So you can order a few styles and change it every time your mood changes 🙂

Links: Beach towelsBikini Sammydresses blog.

My favorite Skin and Hair care for your beach bag:

  1. Reef coconut oil SPF 30. You will love it for nice yumm scent and for smooth and flawless skin perfection.
  2. Get a special sunscreen for your face skin, which has neutral scent and light texture. My current choice is Clarins SPF 30 face skin care.
  3. Do not forget about your hair and protect it from the sun too. Charles Worthington ‘take away’ shine protector leave in spray will take care of your hair and keep it moisturized.
  4. Add natural tinted shine to your lips with Nivea ‘Strawberry Kiss’.

Beach essencials

I hope to see you soon in my next post and do not forget to let me know what are your current beach favorites !



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5 thoughts on “Getting ready for Australian Summer 2016 with Sammydress

  1. Susanne - Bag at you - 19.09.2016

    Such a fun post!! Love the Donut worry beach towel and I am so happy for you that summer is about to start! Xx Susanne –

  2. Samantha - 19.09.2016

    That donut beach towel is super cute!!

  3. Tina - 20.09.2016

    Omgosh I need that donut towel!!


  4. MilanoTime - 20.09.2016

    Wow it is really cool <3
    Wish you an amazing day!

  5. yuka - 21.09.2016

    ohhh man that donut beach towel is the cutest!

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