Drifting school Sydney. Fun day and great experience.

Here is an awesome Sydney experience idea for you.

It is a super fun, exciting and emotional thing to do. I think it’s a great idea for a date or a fun day with friends.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday last weekend, and we have been invited to have a drifting ride session at Sydney Drift School. We’ve got a very cool and crazy fun experience. It is something that you will remember for sure. The impression and feelings over there are similar to the Rolla coster.

Need for speed, sudden breaks, and engine revving contribute to the unforgettable ambience. It feels like you are a part of an action movie! If you want to do something awesome on a weekend around Sydney – think of having a drifting ride and/or a lesson!

Fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

If you are looking for an extreme experience, but do not want to do skydiving – it’s a great way to have an extreme sport activity.


It takes only less than an hour to drive from Sydney.  You will need to go in the direction towards Sydney Dragway in Eastern Creek. When you arrive, just turn right and put your name down on the list. There is a very special atmosphere where everyone is being a passionate fan of cars and drifting. We have got an amazing experience and I want to thank every single member of a Sydney Drift School team.

We have got a lot of fun and it was a great idea to go there!

Sydney Drift school


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Check out Sydney Drift School website.

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