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Hello, my lovely ladies, today I’ve got a beauty post and I’ll share with you my tips, experience and some reviews of eyebrow products. Some of you have been asking – so here is everything about it!

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Ok, so there are plenty of tutorials how to do it. For example, you can watch these :

– Eyebrow tutorial by Desi Perkins – professional tutorial for blondes

everyday simple and light eyebrow makeup

– Perfect eyebrow tutorial by Alexis Kaymor

First of all, I have to say, I am a simple girl, and I am not a professional make up artist. Sometimes I am watching the make up tutorials and quite often it is still difficult to do it like they do yourself. More likely that lots of practice, and trying different products and shades,  bring you to success and to your perfect eyebrows look. All the tutorials are useful – so watch to understand the process. I think many video tutorials are too professional and they are made by those who got the make up school or lot’s of make up experience.

Today I’ll tell you which products I use and share my review and opinion.  I’ll give you some of my tips and show the products that I use. Because some of you have been asking. We’ll, it is not a secret and here is all about it:


1. Tony Moly Easy Touch Waterproof Pencil

Tony Moly eyebrow in N 1 (light brown) – this shade suits better to the day make up. Or, if you are wearing too much makeup already and you would not like to make another accent on your eyebrows.

in N 2 (‘black-brown’) Tony Moly Easy Touch Waterproof Pencil in N 2.

This shade is darker, so it is usually better to wear it with more neutral lipstick because your accent is going to be on your brows. These two pencils are very soft and easy to apply, quite long wearable and waterproof.

tony moly eyebrow


2. Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil

Tony Moly Lovely Eye Brow Pencil-600x600

Sharper and thinner one. For adding more definition to the eyebrow and to draw the contour if needed. Also quite soft, but the Easy Touch is definitely softer. I use it in number 3, grey-brown.  It is very cheap and works really well. You can order it, for example, here.  In Sydney, you can buy these products in Paddy’s Market, lvl 3. Lovely eyebrow pencil costs only about 5$ and














3. Brow Zings. Shaping kit from Benefit.


A Very handy little kit. There are the brow shadows and brow pomade with two little brushes and little tweezers.

So for fuller look just add some powdered shadows into the eyebrows. And you can also define the shape with the pomade (creamy deep brown color). The shade is kind of grey-ish and looks pretty natural. Medium shade. See how to apply here.

It has been on of the first products like that, then it has become very successful and popular, so many other brands recreated similar products, for example, this one  or L’Oreal and many others.


4. Then just brush a bit with a L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper.loreal brow mascara

I’ve tried Maybelline but L’Oreal shade suits me better. Moreover, eyebrows look more trimmed and also natural with it. Shade Dark brunette.

L'Oreal brow mascara

General tips – it is very important not to remove too much and not to make your eyebrows too thin. If it happened, you can still try to draw your new shape with the tools that I have used. But it is always better and, moreover, trendy to have thick and full eyebrows.

Approx once in two weeks I did it with the permanent eyebrows paint. I am using Estele.


2 thoughts on “Eyebrow besties

  1. natalie - 11.05.2015

    gorgeous! LOVE


  2. Inez - 07.06.2015

    Great tips. Love your brows.

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