Do I need a US working visa if I am a Canadian working remotely for a Canadian company?

The simple answer is that as long as the Canadian remote worker is physically performing the work in Canada, no US work visa is required. However, if at some point your Canadian employee needs to visit the US for work purposes, they will need some type of visa to enter and stay in the US.

Can a Canadian work remotely for a US company?

First things first: can a Canadian legally work for a US company? Yes, they can. … To legally live and work in the US, Canadians must obtain a work visa unless they have dual citizenship with both countries. There is one nuance here: if you work remotely, you do not need a work visa to work in the US.

Do I need a US working visa if I am a Canadian working remotely for a Canadian company on h4 visa?

There are no visas for remote work.

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Do you need a visa to work remotely for a US company?

Yes. You can work remotely for a US company as a contractor and negotiate to have them pay you a US-based income. You don’t need a work visa to work remotely as a contractor, only as a full-time employee (referred to as a W2 employee in the US).

Can I work for US company remotely from Canada as Canadian PR?

Originally Answered: Can a Canadian PR holder work for a US employer remotely from Canada? Of course you can.

Can a Canadian company hire a US employee?

When a Canadian business hires an American employee — who will be paid within the United States — there are several requirements to fulfill before they are eligible to work: Establish an American business address — This address cannot be a P.O. box, it must be a physical address.

Can I live in the US and work for a Canadian company?

So unless you have a Green Card, a EAD or valid work visa that permits work for that specific company, no, you cannot legally work online from the USA for another company while residing in the USA. Technically you require a visa to work remotely for your Canadian employer from inside the USA.

Can I work remotely while visiting USA?

If you’re on vacation, you’re allowed to do work remotely for your employer as you would normally at home. You can’t, however, conduct official business (meet clients or do paid in-person work). This kind of work requires a special visa.

Can I work remotely in Canada?

If you can work remotely, without being physically present in Canada, then the Canadian employer can hire you as an independent foreign based contractor, in which case all you need is permission to work in the country you are residing in. , Canadian. Global citizen.

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Can you work remotely on H4?

Earning money on an H4 visa can be a bit tricky. While you’re not allowed to pursue employment actively, you also cannot work remotely for a foreign company or freelance. … Unfortunately, there are no quick ways to make money legally on an H4 visa.

Can I work remotely for a US company from Europe?

Generally speaking, yes, you can work remotely for the US and live on another side of the world. However, a worker will need to pay attention to tax and residence regulations. If you are working for a US company, but living permanently in a European country, you are theoretically working in that European country.

Can I live in another country if I work remotely?

employees can work remotely from abroad on a simple tourism visa. Some countries like Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean have even created a special Nomad Digital Residence Program that caters to these types of employees with a special visa designation.

Do you need a visa to work remotely UK?

You are only required to have a work visa (provided you require one) if you work IN the UK. Therefore, if you are working remotely, even for a UK-based company, you will not need a UK visa. You may need to apply for a visa in the country from which you are working though (again, if this is required in your case).

Can you live in Canada and work in the US remotely?

If you’re not a dual citizen, then you have to have the right to live Canada (Step 1). From there, you can either become a full-time employee of a US company if you’re eligible OR become an independent contractor / freelancer for a US company. From there, you’re good. Yes you can as a tourist.

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