How much should I tip a private tour guide in Vietnam?

Normally, with a private tour guide, the tip should be from 7 – 10 USD per day. However, if you travel with a group of 5 – 8 people or more, tipping about 3-5 USD/person/day is reasonable.

How much should I tip tour guide in Vietnam?

If you are going on a private tour, tip your tour guide around 3-5 dollars per day per traveller. Also, be sure to tip your driver as well. One to two dollars should be sufficient.

How much do you tip a private guide?

A: For a guide who leads a walking tour or short excursion (one full day or shorter), it’s customary to tip between 10 and 20 percent of the cost of the tour. You may feel that’s too much, especially if you took a high-priced tour; in that case, about 5 percent is suitable.

How much do you tip in Vietnam?

An average of 3-5 USD per day (70,000 VND – 120,000 VND) is sufficient, but if you are very pleased, a maximum of 10 USD (230,000 VND) is still reasonable. Some tourists might even go the extra mile to give their guides a small gift from their own countries, but it’s totally up to you.

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How much does a guide cost in Vietnam?

Ususally for 2 people, a guide with driver would cost between 50-70 dollars a day… meals and hotels included. Between $50-70 with a driver and air conditioned car is about right depending on were you are the prices change.

Do you tip in Vietnam for massage?

Vietnam is not a tipping culture, and you’ll rarely find a service-provider with their hand out waiting for a gratuity like you do in some other countries. However, the service culture in Vietnam is exceptional.

How much should I tip in Thailand?

Tipping roughly 10% of the bill is a good tip, and rounding up or down just like you would do at home. If eating at a fancier restaurant and the bill is higher, you can ignore the 10% rule and give it based on how the experience was with a minimum of 100 baht tip.

Do you tip private tour guides?

The average tip amount for an outdoor or backcountry guide is between 10% and 20% of the tour cost per person. For example, if the tour price was $1,000 per person, then the acceptable tip should be between $100 and $200 per person depending on the level of service provided by the guide.

How much should you tip a tour director?

Sometimes you will find a suggested tipping amount in your trip documents, but ultimately this is up to your discretion based on how happy you are with your experience. As a general guide, the tour director is tipped $5-10 per person/per day and the driver would expect to receive $2-3 per person/per day.

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How much do you tip a Segway tour guide?

Gratuities are not required, but are greatly appreciated. Our tour guides work very hard to give you a great experience, and would be thrilled if you showed your appreciation after an enjoyable tour. We recommend a standard of $10 per person, but feel free to tip more if your guide did a superb job!

Where is it rude to tip?

Tipping has long been considered a rude practice in China, although that mindset is slowly changing. Generally tips aren’t expected at local spots, but service charges have become more common in tourist areas. Hong Kong is the exception, where tipping is a more common practice.

Do they accept US dollars in Vietnam?

You can use American dollars for sure, though in major tourist cities such as Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City. When you get to Vietnam, you can change the currency to Vietnam Dong, which will help your shopping time a lot.

Do you need a tour guide for Vietnam?

A tour guide in Vietnam isn’t a must, but they can be a happy addition to your journey to this far Eastern land. With careful research, you’ll find yourself a guide who isn’t just helpful, but also friendly for your amazing time in our country.

Is Travel in Vietnam cheap?

Daily Budget for Vietnam

Although Vietnam is getting more expensive every year, it’s still a cheap country to visit. … For a more comfortable backpacker experience in Vietnam, it’s best to budget around $50 per day. This way, you’ll have more money to spend on things like food, drinks, activities and hotel rooms.

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