What is another name for tour guide?

What do you call the person who leads a tour?

In the US usually “tour guide” is used. Or just “guide”.

What is the two types of tour guide?

Driver Guide-also called as “city guide”. The tour guide drives while guiding. Staff guide-tour guide who works in a travel agency. Freelance guide-tour guide who is not connected with travel agency and paid per trip.

What is another name for a museum guide?

Museum docent is a title given in the United States of America to people who serve as guides and educators for the institutions they serve, usually as a volunteer (unpaid) position. The English word itself is derived from the Latin word docēns, the present active participle of docēre (to teach, to lecture).

What do you call a person who guides?

Originally Answered: What is a person who guides you called? Guide, mentor, tutor, advisor, life coach, counselor, teacher, leader, guru, sensei, coach, pastor, lawyer, priest, doctor, therapist, friend, director, boss, role-model, exemplar, or instructor, for starters, depending on the sort of guiding being done.

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What are the 3 types of tour guides?

Types of tour guides

  • Historical guide. A historical guide leads tourists around historical landmarks and points of interest like ruins, temples, battlefields and other sites of historical importance. …
  • Adventure guide. …
  • Museum guide. …
  • Nature guide. …
  • City guide. …
  • Park guide. …
  • Freelance guide.

What are the different types of tours?

There are 3 main types of tours:

  • Sightseeing Tours. …
  • Shore Excursion Tours. …
  • Adventure or Sporting Tours. …
  • Other Types of Tours. …
  • Combining Tours.

What is a museum tour guide?

A tour guide in a museum, also known as a museum docent, serves as an ambassador, educator and entertainer for the museum. These individuals possess a thorough knowledge of a museum’s exhibits, which allows them to explain an exhibit or artifact’s significance, and answer any questions that guests might have.

What is tour guiding docents?

The dictionary says a docent (say DOUGH-sent) is “a trained volunteer museum guide. … Docents are volunteers—fellow users of this site—who know a lot about a particular destination. They’ve volunteered their time and knowledge to help travelers like you who have questions.

What is the difference between a tour guide and a docent?

As nouns the difference between guide and docent

is that guide is someone who , especially someone hired to show people around a place or an institution and offer information and explanation while docent is a teacher or lecturer at some american colleges or universities.

What is the synonym of path?

footpath, pathway, track, jogging track, trail, trackway, ride, riding, towpath, walk, walkway, promenade, esplanade, avenue, lane, alley, alleyway, passage, passageway, byway, sidetrack, berm, causeway, right of way. British pavement, footway, bridleway, bridle path, cycle path, cycle track, cycleway.

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What is the same as guide?

Guide Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for guide?

escort chaperon
chaperone usher
attendant convoy
pilot companion
guard torchbearer

What is the synonym of mentor?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for mentor. adviser. (also advisor), cicerone, counselor.