Fremantle photo tours!

Fremantle photo tours (Perth WA)

Fremantle photo tours - bookings are open!

Dates available: Sunday, 7.10, Monday, 8.10. Morning or late afternoon tours available.

Extra private couching sessions are also available upon request.

Instagram workshop and a photo tour in Freo.

Approx 3 hours

Price: 100$

People per tour maximum: 5, ensure to book now before it's all booked out!

What's on:

Instagram meet up and workshop, for everyone who wants to improve Instagram account, mobile photography, photo editing and possibly work with brands.

You will get:

-  At least 5 edited images by me for your Instagram feed

- Photo taking and editing masterclass

- Personal or business account review and tips to improve your visuals

- Accounts review and knowledge exchange

- Your questions answered

- We will have a little tour around Freo most iconic as well as secret Instagrammable spots and take some cool shots together.

- Coffee/ lunch covering food photography and styling for Instagram


What's required: 

You and your motivation to learn something new and improve your Instagram.

Any phone with a camera (do not worry if you do not have the latest model)

Payment in advance to book your spot.

A little bit of cash for a coffee (we will go to a coffee/ lunch place).

Working email, because I will send you your brand new pics :)


How to book:

Direct message to me on Instagram 

or email to:

inna @ ydea . com . au

Fremantle photo tours (Perth WA)

I am coming back to Perth for two weeks to shoot content for brands and would love to share an experience with everyone who is keen to learn how Instagram works, how to improve your visuals, take better photos, explore some editing and algorithms secrets.

Do not miss a chance to get your hands on experience and coaching by a field professional.

I am a marketing graduate and I work in digital marketing for about 10 years, shooting content for brands, plus earn money blogging.

I would love to meet people passionate about the Instagram world! Say hello.

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