Colors of Korea. Gamcheon Art Village.

I have been several times to Busan, but never got a chance to visit this incredible and colorful place. During my last trip to Korea, I’ve finally got a chance to check this place out. I can tell – this is something you must visit to experience the culture and to see something different to everything you have ever seen before.

Places to see in Busan
Gamcheon Culture villageThings to see in BusanKorean art Gallery BusanKorean sweets Korean Street Food_What to do in Busan blogGamcheon cultural village What to see in BusanYou can hire one of these traditional national attire (handbok) for an hour or more to feel yourself a part of a culture and for taking photos.

If you are ever in Korea – plan to visit this insane village and make sure you do not miss it.

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3 thoughts on “Colors of Korea. Gamcheon Art Village.

  1. Brittany from Boston - 22.09.2016

    I so wish I had gone here when I was in Korea a few months ago! I’ll have to come back I suppose ;)

  2. Inna - 22.09.2016

    Yeah absolutely! Keep it in mind for the next time ;)

  3. I used to visit Korea every other year when I was a kid, but I’ve actually never made it out to Busan. I would love to see all these murals! :)

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