Gazelle Nail Lounge Perth, Subiaco Review

Hi Beauties! This is a nail salon reviews series. Here you will information about find Nail salons, SPA and Hair salons around Perth and Sydney.

Today we’ll have a look inside Gazelle Nail Lounge in Subiaco. I like Subiaco area and once I have been there, I was looking for a nice salon to have my nails done. I’ve done a quick research on Google and Facebook reviews and I’ve found this salon might be a good place to go. Let’s see if all the reviews are really 5* and rate their services accordingly.

Interiour:  violet and silver interior looks beckoning and somewhat stylish.

The design looks more fancy and shiny than some other dodgy nail salons that I am afraid to come in after a few accidents. However, the good design still does not guarantee a good job. So let’s have a look at what actually happens and at the quality of the job.

I have visited this salon twice. I was not disappointed during my first visit when I have done my gel pedicure here. I enjoyed feet massage and overall ambiance. There were a couple of small drawback of not a very accurate gel application and it was not applied very close to the cuticle. Some people say nail salons do this because they want you to come back faster. Maybe it was just an accident, but you never know. In general, the place was okay, especially after my previous super embarrassing experience in Fremantle Nails, this place looked acceptable.

It seems like I have found a place where I could some back. But this summary was too early to make.


After my second (and forced third) visits, I do not think I will be back. And I will keep going looking for another better place with a better nail treatment.

Gazelle lounge offers a large choice of colors including one of my favorite Gelish gels and some other Korean products (I quite like Korean Nail products, more than traditional Shellac, OPI and other less common ones).

Overall rating:

Gel Pedicure – 6 out of 10

Gel Manicure – 5 out of 10

Cuticle treatment 2 out of 10

Gel Removal 6 out of 10

Overall I do not recommend doing something complicated in this salon. Simple gel removal is okay. Simple gel polish is okay, if you are not spoiled with good quality manicure. The overall quality in comparison to majority nail salons in Australia is acceptable. However, I will not come back.


Second time I came to Gazelle nail lounge for gel removal and new gel polish.

First Gel Removal:

I was quite happy with a removal. My old gel came out quickly, my nail technician removed it agilely without any damage to my nails. She used a machine abrasion, foil wrapping and finally a nail file. I was quite happy with my first removal.

Gel Manicure:

I have decided to make a trendy ‘mirrored nails’.

The method is done using a gel color, and then on top they are rubbing a sparkly powder. Thus you have a mirrored or metallic nails effect. The color did not go even with two layers, so we had to apply the third. Then we applied a top coat. After that, powder, another layer of top coat and then another layer of powder and another layer of top coat.

This has been done by the owner of the salon.

Guess what happened after about an hour I have left a salon??

My nails started cracking one after one.

The work was not that expensive, I have expected it probably would cost more because it is something like a design and it is definitely more job with all this powder than with just a color. So the price was the same as for the regular gel color.

However, I have contacted the salon on the same day and they kindly agreed to re-do my nails.

We made another appointment, and I had to come back and waste another hour and a half of my life (plus the way there and back).

Second removal:

Guess how long did it take to remove all those layers??

Yes, it took me an hour. Removal was torture.

The other lady was working out my nail surface with a very rough file, adding a lot of effort to remove it. Working hard, she also removed a layer of my skin around my nails. I started to have my fingers very irritated, red and with some blood coming out from the holes from my skin.

When I have pointed out to that, I did not have anything as an answer apart of some sighs. Not even a drop of sanitiser felt on my wounds and zero treatment of course.

My skin around looks tore out and I have not observed much cuticle treatment, just a very quick pinching off with clippers.

Firstly, they do not soak your fingers before cuticle treatment. Secondly, they do not move your cuticle down – I have seen that for the first time in my life. To me, it looks like it is done on purpose to get you back quicker? Or perhaps because of lack of competence.

It was quite an exhausting experience.

After that, we have done a gel polish roughly with gel around my nails on the skin and cuticles.

Done. At least I have not been charged.

Keep going looking for a better place.

This is the next day after a fresh manicure – you can see how cuticles look like, for me it is not acceptable. However there are many places around who even do worse. You decide if you want this kind of treatment.

right hand:

Left hand:

This does not look like a freshly made manicure to me and it does not worth time, money and effort you spend going to the salon.

What do you ladies think?

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