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Do you love reading sometimes? Travelling and long distance flight is always a good excuse for getting a new book. What can be better than relaxing on the beautiful beach during a roadtrip with a book? Finishing a last page of a good book is very satisfying. Do you know that feeling?

Finding what to read can be a tricky quest though. Hope My little books adventures will help you to make a choice.

Today’s book I have finished during our 2 weeks roadtrip to Yuraygir.

The Girl in Timesquare Paulina Seemons.

About the book (no spoiler). Why read this book?

This book evokes lots of mix feelings and emotions. While reading, you laugh, cry, sighs, hold your breath and think how things in the life can turn around drastically in the life. Some chapters make you sad; some make you happy, horny, excited, scary and curious.

Although this story, even 1/10th of it will unlikely happen in anyone’s life, you think that some of this things actually can be real, but maybe not everything all together.

Even though he story does not even sounds real sometimes, it makes you think of lots of real life sensations. You might want to reassess your life and your attitude towards some of your problem and towards some people.

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts about it? Does it sound like something you would like to read..?

Some reviews says the story is unrealistic. I would say, you know some situations when everything happens with you at the same time? Well, that is it.

If you been to NewYork, you will probably felt a little nostalgic and recover this city of contrasts in your memory with the author’s story.

What to read??

Girl in Time Square review



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