Hair masks review and comparison. Do popular products really work?

I am a such a hair masks person, I have my bathroom shelf full of hair treatments and masks. I always try something new to find a perfect remedy for my hair. Here is all about the last products that I have used or still using – reviews, suggestions and fair personal opinion. I  have weak, thing hair with dry and damaged ends. I am fighting with it for many years and I feel like a professional in a hair masks and treatments. If you are looking for a good hair treatment and comparing different products, looking to try something new – check this list.

My hair is thin and dry. My ends are fluffy sometimes because they become dehydrated and splitted. Here are all the treatments I’ve recently tried and here is my opinion.

Hair treatment review and recommendation

1. Lush.

3.9 out of 5.

Very strong smell is similar to some Balinese spa smells due to it’s plants ingredients. The fragrance follows me for a coupe of days and stay on the towel and clothes. The product contains henna. The natural composition is very healthy. The product is sustainable, not testing on animals. The texture is liquid and light, not oily. Lush promises smooth and frizz free hair. As Lush suggests, it is better to apply it to your dry hair, then wait for about half an hour, do the face mask, take a bath, read a book and then wash and condition your hair. So do it before you wash your hair, in contrast in other masks. In this case, henna will work more efficient and your hair will absorb it better.

Drawbacks: Strong  fragrance.The procedure takes time. After using this treatment you’ll need to wash your hair and condition it as normal. Con – fells like a real spa for your hair! Hair looks healthier, not much thicker, but shiny and healthy. My ends are still fluffy, nothing would save it from a hair cut apparently!


2. Kerastate Masquintense Fine.

1.5 out of 5.

I was not impressed at all. I ‘ve used maybe half slowly, this mask is ok, but nothing really special. It is quite liquid, at the same time the formula is concentrated to treat your dry ends. The price is high, my expectations are not satisfied, I would not buy it again. Well, nothing terrible, but for me did not work that well. I do not like the smell that much, my hair does not have any volume, my ends are same like after using hair conditioner. I will not buy again in the nearest future.

Kerastate dry hair mask review

3. Etude House -‘Silk scarf’.

4.6 out of 5.

hair masks review. Etude House

Love this mask! I’ve got a taster buying some Korean beauty products, where I’ve found this individual hair pack. I’ve fault in love instantly because the product really works. Hair is so smooth and soft, it is fantastic! Price is affordable, the smell is nice and not too strong. I’ve bought more and probably will buy again.

Drawbacks: I can not tell my hair look really thicker ( the product is obviously invented for the asian thick hair, that do not really need that). So if you have thick hair – this mask will probably do magic with it!

4. Nature Republic Argan.

5 out of 5.

Argan oil treatment



My favorite hair mask. Hair feels thicker, stronger, looks shinier and healthier. You need just a little bit, so one packaging will last for a while. For better effect, wrap it with a shower cup and a towel. Blow dry to give it a bit of a heat on top. If you do not have time – simply leave it for a few minutes while doing a shower.

It is a Korean brand, so you can find it in Korean beauty shops or online.

Definitely will buy it again.

5. AVEDA Damage Remedy.

3.7 out of 5.

I’ve purchased Aveda for a few times, and I like that they are using natural oils and plants ingredients. My hair looks nice after using it and I can not complain. However, after a while, I feel like I want to change it and that some other products work better for me. Hair looks shiny and healthy though. Does not add volume or thickness.

I love the Aveda salon treatment! The best I’ve ever tried.

I am going to change my Aveda Dry Remedy mask and conditioner for something else. Mask is ok, but nothing too exciting, but works well. Hair feels less dry and less freeze. At the beginning I loved it, but now it is time to change. Maybe I will buy it again one day. I would recommend to try it without the exceed expectations, just a good treatment.

Aveda damage remedy review

6. MoroccanOil. Restorative hair mask.

3 out of 5

Morocan oil hair mask review

I’ve used all the product line ‘restorative’, because someone suggested it to me and I’ve read good reviews. The product is good, but I could use it not often – approximately once in two weeks. The smell is very strong, and the product feels a bit heavy on the hair. Hair is shiny, but I did not have much volume and sometimes felt that I want to wash my hair again. So be careful with the dosage and make sure you apply it only on the roots (I apply almost all my masks to the roots only).

7. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment.

4 out of 5.

This is one of the masks that you need to apply allover your hair including your scalp to stimulate hair growth. After use, hair still feel light, shiny and smooth. The product is straightening the hair, the smell is fine, not is my favorite, in comparison to the Moroccan Oil, it is not that strong. I love the product and I’ve finished it quite quickly, it is suitable for use after every single hair wash. The texture is light, not oily at all.

According to hair growth – my hair grew slightly faster, I am not completely sure if it was because the vitamins that I take or the treatment (I also use the spray from this product line). I think it works in complex with vitamins.  Of cause, you will not have long hair in one month, but you will see that your hair feel and look healthier and a little stronger.

Lee stafford hair grow review


8.  TiGi Bad Hair 3.

4.1 out of 5.

Love this product line, especially shampoo and conditioner. The mask is a good product too. As far as I like their hair conditioner too, I would prefer the conditioner plus some other treatments. I feel like conditioner works the same. I do not think I will buy this treatment again soon. While I’ve purchased shampoo and conditioner for a few times and will buy it again. My hair really looks and feel finer, shinier and healthier. I use it once in two weeks up to twice a week, depending on current conditions of my hair.



9.  Ammino Keratin. Selective.

4.9 out of 5.

The treatment that I’ve recently tried and I am obsessed with it. Perfectly refines the hair, makes split and damaged ends less obvious and smooth. Straitening the hair and makes it feel stronger. Contains panthenol, proteins and amino acid. Even if you apply it for the hair and wash it out straight away – you can already see the results. Ideally, works better with thermo effect – wrap it up with a shower cup and blow dry with the hot air. Drowbacks – contains parabens.


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