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About Hair first aid and serious rehab.

What do the professional trichologists use for treat their patients with thin and weak hair?

How to prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth? Cosmetic and beauty products, tools for beautiful hair. Things that I’ve tried, made my experiments with. Things that really work. Not only cosmetic products, but also the serious tools, used by hair clinics.

I can not believe this is how my hair look like after kertain treatment.




Hair doctor advised


Medical treatments for stimulating hairs growth and preventing hair loss.

These tools are used by trichologists – hair professionals doctors.

  1. Darsonval.

    This tool is widely used in cosmetology and facial skin treatments. Furthermore, itt is also great for the hair treatment. Trichologists and hair professionals use this device for professional medical hair treatments. The device works due to generation of blue rays to stimulate better blood circulation, therefore, hair follicles are stimulated too. Moreover, while contacting the skin, it emits ozon, which is known as a remedy for the skin and hair. It improves your blood circulation and boosts metabolism.

  2. Use the device every day 10-15 minutes for 10-14 weeks than repeat in 2 month.
  3. If you use it by yourself, make sure you use it with care and you read the instruction extremely carefully.

Check this cosmetic tool for hair growth that you can use at home here. 

How to prevent hair loss. Professional advise

2. Plasma lifting treatment.

Plasma lifting is used in the medical purposes by professionals to stimulate faster skin regeneration. This causes new hair growth and prevents hair loss. I’ve done this treatment and was quite happy with the results. You’ll get lots of new baby hair that you can really see. This will add volume to your hair and will stimulate new hair growth. The procedure can only be done by professional doctors.

How does plasma lifting works? They extract plasma from your own blood, that the nurse takes from your venous. Then, the trichologist/skin doctor makes small injections containing plasma, the transparent liquid extracted from your own blood, in your scalp. You will need the course with about 10 procedures.

Drawbacks: It is painful and expensive. Time consuming.

But it is a serious treatment that works.

3. Derma roller. 

This is a scary tool that stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.The result is impressive – l you will have a chance to get longer, fuller hair.

A professional tool used by trichologists, that you can use at home, but with the extreme care. Make sure everything is always sterilised twice. Noone else except you can use the tool, do not pass it to anyone, even to the family members.

Hair loss prevention professional tools

How does derma roller work? It makes micro wholes in your skin that stimulates plasma and blood to come to your hairs follicles. After a few times using it you can watch how your sleeping hair follicles are waking up and your new baby hair are growing. Always use antiseptic. Painful procedure. Ideally has to be done by professional, but it is available for use at home.

You can order it online with the delivery from US.

4. Polipant treatment by Dixon.

A professional medical treatment to treat hair loss based on placental extracts and vegetable proteins extracts, developed in Germany.

Hair loss treatment. Polipant.

This products is recommended to use for people who are suffering hair loss, also for people who is doing or done chemo therapy. If you are suffering hair loss, check this product. Open the ampule and rub it into your scalp thoughtfully. Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.


Vital Healthy Hair Rules:

1.  Proteins /nuts, beans, seafood, meet, chicken, any food with lots of proteins daily.

2. Vitamins: all the vitamins from ‘B’ group, vitamin C, Calcium (make sure that you take Calcium and C separately). Also Omega3, Iron,  Zink, Silicon.

3.  Take 2 litters of water daily.

4.  Do sports and aerobics – is boosts your metabolism and hairs growth respectively.

5.  Scalp scrubs and massage with salt, coffee and essential Oils, boosting hair growth (Bay, Rosemary natural oils- must be mixed with Argan or Olive oil).

6. Do not brush your wet hair (at least use Tangle Teaser).

7.  Protect hair from the sun with the hat and hair products containing SPF.

8. Use less hot styling and heat protection.

9. Alcohol and cigarette are the worst enemies for the beauty of you Hair! You will have to make a choice what is more important for you? First two or beautiful shiny hair..?

10. Hair wash best kept secret: Tsss do not tell to anyone :) While washing your hair, apply your conditioner first to the ends, do not rinse it and wash the roots with the shampoo. Then rinse everything and apply hair treatment or condition again. That will save your ends from the shampoo and will keep them stronger!

11. Leave without stress or do not stress too much about everything, take care about your mental health. Stress is one of the most common reason of hair loss.

All about longer stronger hair. How to grow your hair

My Favorite products that makes my Hairs feel really better!

1. GHD heat Protect.

Blow dry? Irons? Hot hair styling? Make sure you use heat protection. While This products protects your hear, it is also making your hair look shiny and thicker.

ghdThermalProtector review

2. U Luxury Moisture&Shine.

ULUX-Moisture. Hair treatments sun protection

Cream conditioner, I am applying just a small drop to the dry hair. Hairs looks and feel so much better! Feels more thick and looks shiny, furthermore, you do not really feel any product on your hair. Removes frizzy hairs look.

3. Aveda Damage Remedy.

Hair mask that treats damaged hair, makes dry ends moisturized and hair shiny.Contains natural ingredients.

How to growth your hair

4. Argan Oil of Morocco.

Make sure you moisturize your hair properly! When need extra moisture, use the oils. Softer and moisturized hair. Frizz free. Just use a small drop for the ends. No need to rinse.  Much easier to comb your hair.

Hair moisture



5. Unite, 7 seconds conditioner.

Great and fast way to condition your hair. No need to rinse. Just apply and go. Contains SPF and safes your hairs from the sun rays! Makes it softer and frizz free, easier to comb and to style.

Unite spray review. Hair Sun protection




8. Professional Keratin treatment by Greymy. 

Greymy Keratin

My favorite salon treatment so far.

A Swiss brand that produce a high quality professional salon hair treatment. This is a keratin that is not straightening your hair, thus it keeps your hair volume. While other keratin treatments are straightening, which is not looking good on thin hair. It makes your hair thicker, healthier and it has a long time effect. You’ll need to make it ones in a few month (2 up to 6 month).

It is a salon treatment, so even professionals usually do not do it for themselves, so you’ll need someone to do it for you. I have seen a dramatic changes of my friends hair, who are doing this treatment. Visible improvement. Diamond shine and sleek hair.


Also if you are suffering from hair loss – check your health conditions, your stomach, liver and thyroid. The external signs might show a problem that is hiding deep inside you.


Be healthy and I wish you a long beautiful hair!




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