Perth Views from the high heels

I’d like to take you to Perth Elizabeth Quay today. It’s a pretty new area in the city center on the water with cool city and water views and waterfront cafes. Everything is just like I like!

Today I have decided to challenge myself wearing high heels walking in the city. I have to say It feels fantastic. You can see everything from the different perspective :) I use to wear flat shoes or medium-high heels here in Australia. I must tell when you are on high heels, the world around you slows down and you have more time to admire the beauty around.


Shoe quality is crucial, especially when we are talking about the high heels shoes. Your comfort and the posture depends not only on your skills of wearing heels but mostly on the construction of the shoes.

I have ordered these gorgeous heels from KL Braggs online designer footwear boutique. They deliver right to your door in only a couple of days, or even on the same day, depending on a day and time of your order and where you are. It’s super easy shopping. Just pick your favorite style and make an order.

They will consult you on the sizing. Their sizes are Australian, so it makes it simple if you are in Australia. These shoes are an investment and you can be sure the quality totally worth it. Any lady has to have proper quality shoes and bags, even if other items in your closet are simple.

I have ordered these shoes for a special occasion of one event I was attending. When you are busy or if you do not have time to go shopping – definitely check KL Bragg. You would not be disappointed. Italian hand made origin guarantees the hi-end details, materials, and finish.

I was sure the quality would be excellent, as far as these shoes are handmade in Italy and I am obsessed with Italian footwear quality, longevity, and comfort.

As some of you may know, my partner is Italian, and so he can identify easily if the shoes are great. He can also see if the item is made in Italy. He usually criticizes majority of the shoes I buy in Australia lol, however, he likes these shoes by KL Bragg looks, yay! :)

It is not easy to find Italian quality shoes in Australia. Here is a footwear brand I have recently discovered. KL Braggs is an Australian company, shipping top quality shoes, handmade in Italy.

It felt amazing today wearing heels. Even though after a few hours I was a little bit tired walking around the city on my high heels, I did not want to change.

Every woman just has to wear heels casually, not only for a special occasion.

If you are a lady, I would like to encourage you to wear high heels more often. It feels fabulous.

You also will be more confident on the heels on the special occasion. Have you seen those well-dressed women out, all looking amazing, with their makeup, hair, and nails done… And when they look gorgeous unless they start to walk? Haha! Sometimes it looks so pity. So let’s avoid that hilarious and awkward look and wear hills more often casually. You can just leave a pair in your car or at the office and wear it a half an hour or so during the day. You will notice how your posture is straightening, your mood and your self-esteem are growing.



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