Perth CBD Elizabeth Quay + OOTD

I’d like to take you to Perth Elizabeth Quay today. It’s a pretty new area in the city center on the water with cool city and water views and waterfront cafes. Everything is just like I like!

Today I have decided to challenge myself and wear a pair of high heels walking in the city all day.

I have to say It feels fantastic. You can see everything from a different perspective :) I use to wear flat shoes or medium-high heels here in Australia and high heels almost every day in Europe, especially in Russia – we are born on high heels, haha. We are used to running doing work and business in heels all day and then party all night there. Everything has changed since I’ve moved to Australia, where lots of people walk barefoot :)

Here I feel if you are wearing high heels, the world around you slows down and you have more time to admire the beauty around.




Every woman just has to wear heels casually, not only for a special occasion! Agree?

If you are a lady, I would like to encourage you to wear high heels more often.



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