Jo Malone SPA

Did you know Jo Malone provides complimentary relaxing hands SPA for their customers? I have experienced it at Myer, Perth with a friend.

We love friendly and attentive staff and hands SPA treatment they make.

During your little spa procedure you can test their products and appreciate effects and aromas.

Treatment goes for about half an hour and it includes consultation.

Before the treatment they apply linen spray on your hands towel to prepare it for your spa treatment.

Then your therapist cleanse your hands with your favorite hands and body wash. Cleansing includes delicate and relaxing hands massage with a gentle foam. It softens your skin and makes it looking glowing. Then they apply cream or lotion from the series that you have chosen. You can pick a cream for one hand and a lotion for another hand to compare and to try a more products.

Jo Malone Spa Perth

The difference between Jo Malone cream and lotion:

Lotion is lighter and cream is thicker. Lotion contains coconut oil and it makes your skin more glowy and illuminated.

I have picked Nectarine Blossom & Honey products for one hand and English Peach and Freesia for another hand. So I could compare and decide which scent matches my skin best. So you can try a few different things too and enjoy special treatment.

I was pleased to know that Kate Midlton used the parfum that I use (Orange Blossom) for her wedding.


Your consultant will kindly advise and suggest scent combinations for you, however you can pay with various scents, mix and match and create your own.

Today I have discovered new beautiful and unique scents you can create combining fragrances. If you like Orange blossom like I do, you can create your taylor made Jo Malone mix. Try these combinations:

  • Orange Blossom + English Pear and Freesia
  • Orange Blossom + Wild Bluebell
  • Orange Blossom + Wood Sage & Seasalt


Jo Malone Perth review
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