Travel around Sydney. A day in Kaiama.

Kaiama beach.

Summer in Australia is finished and I would like to capture one of the beautiful days and give an idea of where to go around Sydney for less crowded beaches and for travel.

To get there, you can take a train in Kiama direction and it takes around 1 hour to get there from the city. You will need the zone 3 train ticket.

So this is Kaiama – nice, empty and quiet beach not far from Sydney.

Kiama station


You will need to go to your right if you are looking to the ocean to get to the beach from the rails

kaiama beach


After a beach – move to the right towards Bomboand it’s  beautiful landscapes

kaiama rocks

bombo beach 



This is the legendary “Blow whole”. Here supposed to be a huge fountain, at least a couple (maximum 27 ) meters high, but as we understood it did not work and probably it is working when there are a very high tide and a super big storm and tsunami lol

Nature heart shape

When we’ve been there, we found waves, but the water did not come through this channel, so we just enjoyed beautiful views and beach walk.

Kiama lighthouse

Perfect Geometry

ocean pool

kaiama nsw beachwalk

PS! please please please do not forget to use at least 30 SPF sunscreen and to renew it every 2 hours. I have not renewed it on time and got sunburns. So I ‘ve got more memories now about that day! hope you will be smarter! xoxo

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