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Hi beautiful people  🌹

Today I am taking you to see Kamchatka Peninsula with me. Have you ever heard about this place on Earth?

I’ve heard there is a game that sends you to a very remote place if you need to skip the loop and that remote place is called Kamchatka lol

Is it true?

Kamchatka is my hometown where I’ve grown up myself and my snowboarding skills as well as my passion for nature, snow and the ocean.

It is a peninsula in the Pacific Ocean covered with snow for most of the year. I have not been there for about 7 years and this winter I went back…

Here is a short video and photo diary and I hope you will love it!

Fortunately, tourism is kinda developing lately by some passionate people. It is too far from over tourism situation and too far from a well-developed touristic spot, so it’s pretty much totally wild! And that’s what the visitors love about it and pay tens of thousands of dollars to visit this place.

Some of the most expensive experiences there will be heliboarding and helicopter tours. I have not been doing any of these activities this time and I was simply chilling in the Hot Springs Thermal Pools, doing some snowboarding on Morozka ski slope and eating amazing local seafood. It is hands down the best in the world and it evolved amazingly for the past few years.

If you may consider visiting Kamchatka one day – I would recommend you hire a private guide who will be also your entrepreneur as not that many people speak English.  I must say, even Russian people who come here – sometimes have no clue what are they doing and where are they going. There are not too many places registered on Google Maps yet lol. It can be also a little bit dangerous to wander around a bush on your own, you know! There are wild great (biggest in the world) Brown bears and the giant crabs :) Ok crabs would not do anything to you, and bears are not wondering around the town and knocking at your door, but as soon as you go a little bit outdoor in the countryside – you just need to be conscious.

A casual or hiking tour guide will cost you something under $50 a day and a professional heli ski one cost will be higher, I can check it for you if you need to know, or I will be happy to share my contacts – feel free to ask!

My favourite Must-Visit Spots in Kamchatka:

1. Da Vinci Restaurant for their Kamchatka Menu and some town views. Ravioli with crab, calamari salad, salmon carpaccio and their scallops – have the flavours that I can not forget and I keep salivating remembering those!

2. Kamchatka Restaurant

3. Avacha Bay with the Sea Lions Pool – stop at the fish market buy some fresh fish to feed the seals. Do not buy any frozen fish – they won’t eat it!

4. Snow Valley – a winter fairytale countryside resort, where I would recommend you to hang out for a while – you can rent running ski here and ski-do snowmobile tours, and of course, heli ski tours, also chill in the hot spring pools.

5. You can also check out Severnye Prikluchenia – it is a countryside resort that is shown in the video. If you love animals and do not like animals trophies – I would not recommend you going there as all the houses and restaurants are decorated with multiple hunting trophies and I must say it is kind of creepy and I did not really like it. However, I like the relaxed atmosphere. If you are not intimidated by the hunting trophies – you should definitely check it out. Oh, and they have an awesome restaurant with a super delicious menu.

6. Moroznaya Ski Slope

7. Krasnaya Sopka Ski Slope

8. Mishennaya Sopka Walk / hike (a very easy one)




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Kamchatka Travel Guide
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