Korean Beauty products Haul and Review – Part I

Here are some Korean beauty products favorites and big haul from my previous trip to Korea. 

1. 92% Aloe Vera Soothing gel  (by Nature Republic).

Aloe vera gel

This is one of the most popular Korean products and I’ve decided to try it. It is a moisturising gel, which can be used in 10 different ways. I use it when I need moisturize the skin in those hot days when it is too hot to use a body cream or a body oil. I use it after the beach day, as far it is calming and soothes sun exposed skin. This product is also great for a sensitive skin. Also it can be used as an after shave balm. The texture is super light and watery and it is absorbed by the skin very quickly.

I also found this product in Sydney (is costs here about $9), for example you can get it from Blush cosmetics stores.

2. Nature Republic Argan Oil Deep Care Shampoo.

Argan oil treatment

An awesome products for damaged and dry, thin hair. This shampoo has a thick texture and you only need a small amount, so it will last long. It helps to your hair looking shiny and moisturized! My hair s pretty damaged and often is breaking in the middle and this products (mask and shampoo) really help me with this issue.

You will need to take time doing this mask, apply it on washed and towel dry hair, wrap under a shower cup and a towel and wait 20-30 minutes for a better effect. It feels that it makes your hair thicker, softer and healthier.

3. Etude Hose Silk Scarf Hair treatment and Hair Conditioner.

Korean Hair treatment

Etude house products are not expensive and this brand is very popular in Korea. I have tried some testers of these products and I felt in love immediately, because it makes your hair feels so silky! I think it would perfectly match thick hair. It works on my thin hair quite well too though. The conditioner is very light and more gel-ish textured, it is not that concentrated, and it’s  suitable for the situation when you need to conditioner your hair quickly when you are in rush.

The mask is more thick and you will need to apply it under the shower cup and wrap it under a towel for a better effect. It is softening your hair, makes it manageable in those bad hairs days.


4. It’s Skin Spot Essense

its skin essence


I have never heard of the brand It’s skin before, but I start to be so in love with it. They produce great quality and eco friendly products. I always use different sort of spot gels for an urgent spots treatment and I have accidentally picked this one to try from the shelf. And I loved it a lot. It brightens any pimples and heels. The most cool thing about it – is that you can apply it under your make up.

5. Nature Republic Creamy Lipsticks.

I’ve got one lippie from this line last time and as soon as I came back to S. Korea I went to this shop and bought another two, because I became obsessed with it. I am totally in love with those lipsticks. The smell is so nice, the texture is very smooth and it’s nicely pigmented too. The colors are natural and beautiful. It is moisturizing your lips and it lasts quite long. I love how it feels on the lips due to it’s creamy texture. And guess what, the best thing about it – the price is just about $5 for each (on a deal two for 10$). Usually it costs around $10 and it is absolutely worth it and even more than that. This brand is also eco-friendly, which is awesome.

If you got a chance to get it – highly recommended!

(by the way in comparison to the other Korean lipsticks – I like not so many of them, for example, Misha and Etude House lip products I do not like).

Nature Republic lipstick Korean Lipsticks Nature republick lipstick1

Where to buy ?? You can find it on EBay or Amazon, in Sydney in Blush cosmetics shops.

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