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“Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs”

Hello, my beautiful readers and visitors!

Today I want to start a new blog category, under which I will share the stories of inspiring women entrepreneur.

If you are thinking of starting your own business or/and developing your career, if you search for inspiration, this part of my blog is for you.

I have always been passionate about creating and doing my own thing, for many of us, might seem like a mere dream, something rather unreal and unachievable. However, if you do your thing right and follow your passion with all your heart and sincere passion, dedication, you will be much more likely to achieve your goals.

I believe we should cheer each other on and support each other to facilitate progress. Some girls just gossip, complain and laugh at others, but such an attitude, which does not help anyone.

Today I create a space that will be all about building, a better world for a better us without complaints and excuses, full of inspiring stories and mutual support. What do you think of this idea?

I am rolling out this topic with an inspiring story of a woman I adore. A woman, who follows her dreams and works hard to achieve them. Most importantly, she believes she can – and she does.

My today’s hero, Irina Shad, makes this world more beautiful by creating stunning lingerie, swimwear, and other women’s clothing items. She makes other women feel more confident and gorgeous.

I’ve contacted Irina directly and asked her to tell us the story of her brand.

“Less is A’mor”‘ is a one-of-a-kind brand of Canadian lingerie and swimwear. The garments are designed to emphasize and bring out the natural forms of woman’s body, providing a seductive effect based on style and well-design details.

“Less is A’mor” currently produces unique harness-inspired soft-cup bralettes, bras, panties, lingerie clothing and swimwear.

Now that we know a little about this company, let’s meet Irina Shad, its founder, and inspired designer.

Inna: Hi Irina, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand?

Irina Shad: Hi Inna, thanks for your interest in my brand! I’m really excited to answer your questions!

I am a fashion designer with Russian background, and I have been leaving in Toronto for the past six years, studying Fashion Design and Techniques at George Brown College.

The experience and knowledge in Fashion Techniques & Design at the College and in marketing from back home have me contributed to my career development.

Combining my experiences in the fashion business and technical skills with marketing and communications, I have created an independent business with my own creative vision.

In addition to my “Less is A’mor” brand, I am a full-time product developer at Canada Goose, where I gain more of the fashion industry experience and technical know-how to make and promote my own unique product line.


My company was launched two years ago. After shopping in local stores and boutiques, I realized there is a lack of gorgeous and seductive lingerie in the Canadian fashion market. In fact, Canadian girls need a larger choice of beautiful lingerie and well-designed and good-looking swimwear.

– Inna: As I understand your brand initially had been named differently and had only recently been renamed to “Less is A’mor”. What inspired this change?

– Irina Shad: After being in the business for two years, I’ve decided it is time to expand into the production of other clothing types. I love everything about fashion and beautiful garments, and I want to create gorgeous clothing pieces on top of the lingerie I already make.

The ‘Irina Shad Intimates’ brand was focused on lingerie only. Now “Less is A’mor”‘ is a better fit for a wider variety of lingerie garments and swimwear.

In addition, I am planning to take on board and sell other brands of lingerie and swimwear at my store, which is another reason to get a unique name.


Photo: Raad S Rahman

– Inna: As a marketer, I am always curious about the brand naming process, especially nowadays, when many cool names are already taken, and you need to be very creative. How did you come up with your new fashion brand name?

–  Irina Shad: Deciding on the name was a bit tricky. After brainstorming and contemplating several options, I took some time to think, and then it pretty much found me. I had just been browsing my Instagram feed, and it popped up on one of the accounts as a quote or witticism from somewhere. For me, it was just immediately obvious that it was the perfect name for my growing company.

After all, I think lingerie makes a stronger visual effect and impression, the more revealing it is.

Finally, “Less is A MORE” was slightly changed to “Less is A’mor”.

– Inna: I absolutely adore your Instagram profile and feed! It inspires me, and I believe, the other women (and men) as well. Could you tell me more how you find your inspiration, and about your creative process?

– Irina Shad: Oh yes, Instagram is a huge part of my business and my creative process. It is a part of my inspiration, a mood board, and also a product showcase and promotional tool. It is also an interaction and communication channel with my audience.

I take photography very seriously. We carefully cast models, photographers and makeup artists for my shoots. Sometimes I style and coordinate photo shoots myself too.

There’s a very fine line between sophisticated and vulgar sexuality, so choosing the models and photographers carefully is an absolute must in this line of work.

My personal preferences align natural beauty and relationships with real people. The “Less is A’mor”‘ Instagram profile displays a mix of professional models and real clientele who like participating in our shoots.


                                                                                    Photo: belle-re.belle.portraits

– Inna: I’ve noticed all your products are related to men’s names, is there is a meaning for


– Irina Shad: That’s very simple – every name belongs to an ex. Kidding (laughs)!

Seriously speaking, I think lingerie is an essential part of a sensual foreplay, and it is an unspoken symbol of passion.

The reason a woman shops for sexy and sophisticated lingerie in Canada and all over the world is the same – to feel happy about herself, her body and her appearance, and to see the passion in a man’s eyes when she’s wearing the items.

– Inna: So in your opinion beautiful attire makes a woman more beautiful?

Photo: Raad S Rahman

– Irina Shad: In fact, I think man’s love for a woman makes her more beautiful. When a woman is happily in love, she is shining from inside. So, my job is to make that shine more dazzling.

– Inna: Tell us more about your inspiration. How do you stay inspired and keep going following your dream?

– Irina Shad: I am a sincerely inspired person, and I do not have just one source of inspiration. My mom and my family inspire me with their unconditional love and support. I love the arts, looking at paintings, sculptures, and architecture, as well as various contemporary performances, give me new ideas. The creativity and passion of other talented people inspire me lot.

The ability to express my feelings and doing what I love makes me a complete and happy person. Designing is more than just a dream for me. It is my lifestyle.

– Inna: This sounds amazing! I think anyone might at some point have difficult times regarding their business development, and ups and downs.

What would you recommend to other entrepreneurs for them to keep going and to not give up during a stagnation or declining period of time?

Photo: Raad S Rahman

– Irina Shad: Yes, everyone may experience doubts. I myself have doubts sometimes…, but only for about 10 seconds :).

I am a very confident person, and it helps to keep going, no matter what are the circumstances are or what people say, etc. My advice for someone who is just starting in the design or any other creative field is: Find a successful person in your field who can be a mentor, and ask for fair and honest feedback. Thus you can find your strengths and concentrate on those. Your fears might be unnecessary. Just believe in yourself and stick to like-minded people.

– Inna: Did you make any mistakes or wrong business decisions that eventually helped you to improve?

– Irina Shad: I brought a partner into my business, and it did not work out. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the experience it brought me.

I now efficiently delegate the tasks between my team members and control the job myself. My talented and inspired team’s hard work gives the business development a significant push.

– Inna: Could you please share with us some useful business tools that help you to stay organised?

– Irina Shad: I use Asana to keep track on my team’s tasks, and Wave app tp manage all my business experience. I am also currently taking an SEO course and am working closely with content writers to create my website content and blog posts. All of this I learned from my ex-business partner, and for that I am thankful.

– Inna:  If it hadn’t been fashion design, what would you choose as an alternative career instead?

– Irina Shad: I had a dream of becoming an actress, but my parents were adamantly against it, so it

never happened.

I am a hundred percent happy with my current vocation though. I’m enjoying

every single moment of my work. Being able to express myself via my designs while making other people happy is

extremely satisfying. I am very happy with what I do.




So here is a unique story of a one-of-a-kind brand of Canadian sexy lingerie by Irina Shad. If

you want to take a closer look, here is the link to the store and Instagram profile. Enjoy!



Who inspires you?

If you are a passionate entrepreneur, I would love to share your story. Let’s stick together and inspire one another.


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