Let’s go roadtrippin’ with us ! Places to visit around Yuraigyr. VIDEO.

Hello friends, in this video I’ll take you to a virtual journey to the roadtrip with us, you will see some remote and beautiful places, about 600 km away from Sydney. 4 minutes video about this fun trip.Yamba things to do

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Yuraigyr is one of the largest national parks in NSW. It is located north of Coffs Harbour. In this video you can see the places we’ve visited, how we spend Christmas and NYE camping. There is also a small tour to the Boorkroom campground – you can see what is there and moreover, what do we have in our camp, which items do we use this time. I hope it will inspire you for new travels!

Here is a full list of our camping equipment – we use it as a checklist in order to remember everything and maybe it can be helpful for you as a huge travel tip. If you are not sure what to take with you for camping in Australia, great inexpensive basic items that you will need – see the full list here.

So what you can see around Yuraigyr area?

There are a few Towns and activities around, that you can see in the video (and the next one – check my youtube channel about travels in Australia).

  • Wolli
  • Minnie Water
  • Grafton
  • Yamba
  • Iluka
  • Angourie point with Bue Pools
  • Sandon
  • Nimbodia River

Wolli is located only about 15 minutes drive from Diggers camp and Borrkoom camp. It is a fisherman village on a river by the ocean side. There are life guards on duty during the summer season, a pub and a hotel, showers next to the tennis court and at the life guard station.

This place is popular for kayaking, fishing and surfing too. You can find some waves in front of the jetty. Even in a pick season there are only a few people surfing.

Minnie water also is popular for surf and fishing and it is close to the diggers camp too – 15 minutes driving. There is a small supermarket at the gas station and a cafe where they serve hot food. Great views from the ocean side drive, where you can watch the waves and sometimes the whales if you are lucky.

Grafton is the biggest city around that area with a population about  12 thousands people. There is a big shopping mall with a cinema, many cafes and pubs, restaurants and grocery shopping. Car wash next to the Coles supermarket. Grafton is about 45 minutes driving from Diggers Camp, so you can go there if you miss anything and need to do shopping.

Yamba is a town with some infrastructure as well, cafes, shopping and surf. Angourie point is a popular spot for surf and beach leisure.

If you are around – visit Blue pools, where you can watch kids and adults are jumping from the high cliffs to the deep lakes. Jump yourself or just watch – it is still fun. There you can find a shower at the car park and continue exploring the area.




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    Looks like so so much fun!



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