Lightroom App Tutorial – Edit like a pro with your mobile

Hello, digital world and everyone who takes photos and wants to improve!

Here is how to take your photos to another level and edit like a pro. This is a well-kept secret of many popular bloggers who became popular mostly due to their editing style.

Lightroom is a professional photography colour correction app that you need to learn if you want to improve your photos quality and look.

If you ever wondered how many famous Instagrammers achieve that stylish Instagram look with desaturated yellows and greens - you need to get into colour correction.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to edit your photos on your mobile device.

I would personally recommend installing a desktop version, to experiment with is and study it as well. I did start with a desktop version, however mobile Lightroom CC will work for you in any way.

This app was initially developed for an Android, so all the Android users are not left behind.

How to start:

  1. Download Photoshop Lightroom CC App (obviously), it is available in both Play and iTunes stores
  2. Add an image you want to edit

Then follow the steps in the video below (you can also choose full screen or click watch it on Youtube)

Lightroom app does make magic, however, try to do your best when taking photos and remember wiping your screen and considering the lightings. Lightroom app can also improve any yellow bulb light photos desaturating the yellows.

Watch this step-by-step video tutorial

After your image is ready, click the three vertical dots on the right top corner and choose 'Save to Device'. Here you can also choose 'Copy Edits' and then paste it to any other image to apply the settings as the custom-made filter you have just created.

In this app, you can simply remove yellow tones from the photos with a yellow bulb lighting and make your blue colour more saturated or tint it to more turquoise shade.

When you learn how to use this app, you will understand a lot about colour correction and how the colours work and you'll make a step up and improve your photo game!

It is also important to take a good quality photo to achieve the best results.

Using a professional photo editing app and a great camera can be not enough to improve your images if you do not consider these basic rules:

How to improve your photos:

  • Always take photos with a good lighting. Avoid white overexposed spots on the image. Try to move the camera or tap the screen in different places to decrease the exposure. You can always make your image brighter in the post-production, but you can not recreate something on the white spots.
  • Always wipe your camera before taking photos to avoid blurriness
  • Do not take photos against the sun

Main mobile Lightroom CC features:

Desaturate or enhance a colour:

- Click on Thermometer icon 'Colour' and tap on the 'Mix' - multi-coloured wheel on the top right under the image.

Hue - change the tone of every colour, make blue more turquoise or bluer, make red more orangy or take it more to a magenta tint, etc.

Saturation - desaturate or saturate any color.

Luminance - brighten a particular colour or make it darker.

You can also add Grain effect in the Effects section (a squared circle icon), where you edit sharpness.

To go back or cancel any step: click an arrow on the top right corner on the photo.


Try to experiment with all the feature and at the beginning, it may take time to learn. If you follow the steps in my video tutorial and practice - you will get it quickly.

It is important to stay real and not to overedit your photo.

Make sure to tag @inna_tevi so I can see your images!

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about mobile editing or Instagram or leave any other question here in the comment section or on my Instagram.

Here is my Instagram gallery where lots of the images are edited in the way I am showing in the video:

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