Mount Cooroora

Mount Cooroora

Mount Cooroora, QLD

Hi everyone, today I will take you to climb Mount Cooroora with me! It is located around Noosa Area, in Pomona village.

Mount Cooroora is one of the most famous climbing tracks around Sunshine coast known for the King of the Mountain 500 meters annual climb race.

The climb is 500 meters and it is fairly difficult I would say for those who never climbs.

Apart from the beginning of the track, it is quite steep pretty much all the way up or about 80% of it. There are stairs and metal chains, which is very helpful.

If you are mobile and fairly fit and wear a pair of some comfortable running or trekking shoes, and have some drinking water - you will definitely make it :) I was losing my breath all the time and my legs were pretty sored after this climb, so it is a good exercise for your legs, core and overall stamina training.

Take it easy and go backwards while going down, as coming back may be even more difficult than climbing up.

Climbing mount Cooroora is a challenge.

Get ready to get your hands dirty and consider the fact that will be coming down sweaty and dirty :)

This track is definitely more difficult than mount Coolum one.

At the bottom of the mountain, you can find a water tap to wash your hands and refresh yourself, as well as a gazebo for having a picnic. There are no bathrooms in the parking area, so ensure to use one before you are coming here.



Mount Cooroora

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