My last video of 2015! Hot dayzzz. Buying new Surfboards. Vlog.

Hell everyone!Hope your holidays’ve been amazing and you are full of energy and positive for 2016 ♡ 

I’ve just got back from my christmas road trip, which was very exciting. I am looking forward to share the moments, photos and videos from this 2 weeks trip. We escaped 700 km away from crowded Sydney and from the busy holidays in the city. Very unusual way to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve – in the middle of the national park, surrounded by wild life and by the nature. Lot of surf, sun and new destinations. It is less touristic, and more beautiful.

While New travel Videos are in progress, for now I would like to show you my one day vlog. The day when the Summer in Australia kicked of with 45 degrees. You will see a bit of beaches around Sydney and which surfboards Valentino has chosen to come with into 2016! Enjoy and let me know what do you think of this kind of videos.

Choosing Chili Surfboards


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