Best things about Nexus 6P & Review

Google Nexus 6P phone review, features, photos and videos.

Nexus 6P review

I have recently switched from iPhone to Nexus and here are some thought about it along with Nexus 6P review.

I always had an iPhone until I faced a few issues with Apple and just wanted to try something different because we all have a choice, and stickiness to a brand is usually better for a brand than for a customer.

If you use various Google services, you’ll have one device with an easy access and synchronization with Google, which is great.

The only thing that I was unsure of – it was Huawei. As far as Google chosen that brand for their phone, you know, I believe I can trust it. I believe they’ve done a pretty good research. And I was not wrong. I use this phone for about 4 months now, and I like it. However, it takes time to get use to a completely new operation system and menu. This is often the reason that holds many people back from switching iPhone to Android and the other way around.

Nexus 6P review and usability

First impression and best things about the phone:

I really like the ‘back’ button. You can go back to the previous step in an app or whenever you were. There was no such an option on my old iPhone and it makes such a big difference. The absence of a physical button on the bottom of the screen is also great. The finger scan button on a back of the phone is perfectly handy. It lets you to unlock a phone in less than a second, as soon as you take you phone before you even look at the screen.

Another fantastic feature that I love is that phone automatically detects the number if it’s associated witg any business registered on Google /G maps. Even if you do not have the number saved you will know who call you. 

It is synchronized automatically with Google services. I was surprised to have a notification of my upcoming flight from Gmail itinerary, so you would not mess up with you departure time (yes, it happens). Google is too smart now and it makes your life so much easier. Connection to a biggest search engine and web services simplifies everything and saves your time.

Filming and shooting with Nexus 6P.

The quality of the camera is fantastic, sharp and a nicely focused. I am totally satisfied with it. I’ve red many comparison with the other phones, including Samsung, where they prove that Nexus is slightly better. The only one small draw back – is when you actually film and zoom in,  zooming effect is not perfectly smooth. Also the performance in the low lights could be better, they say it will be improved in the upcoming version. Quality of the screen image is amazing and sharp. If you love watching videos on your phone screen, or playing video games, you will have a great experience.

Here is the video that I filmed with Nexus 6P. Make sure you watch in HD to see the quality.

(‘Video Show Pro’ app from Google Play Store, apps review is coming soon, please, subscribe for the news if you would like to see the apps that I currently use and suggest).

Phone & Screen size.

The phone is quite big, and it was one of the factors I was deciding on wether to buy it or not. But I never regret. Someone says it is too big for the girls’ hand, but I do not have any difficulties to hold it. Moreover, I find it even more convenient to hold it while filming and watch its incredible screen.

The drawbacks switching from iPhone to Nexus 6P:

There are more benefits, but just two points that I do not like:

  • You have to re-purchase the apps from that I had from the Apple store. Some of the apps that I’ve used on iPhone are not available at all on Android.
  • I’ve got a camera mistake couple of times – when I opened a camera, I’ve got the pop-up message that camera is not responding, it started working after I restarted, but it was quite annoying that I’ve missed a great shot.
  • One more thing  –  I can not see my missed voice mails on the menu, like in iPhone. I have to call my provider or do something a bit more complicated than just tap the screen once to see and manage my voicemail.

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