Last days of Summer in Sydney. OOTD

Last Friday I’ve had a 2 hours break at Uni between my classes. I’ve decided to spend my break at the magical Chinese gardens as it is located in walking proximity to where I study at UTS.

The Chinese Gardens of Friendship It is a little wonderful oasis in the city centre in the Darling Harbor area. I’ve met a photographer friend and a great who is currently based in Sydney and we have enjoyed this pretty place together and took some photos to share with you.

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On this day, I have been wearing a relaxing casual outfit with the flat shoes (slip-on) and a hat, which saved my head from an overheat. It is not a secret that the sun here in Australia is very strong and so the hat is essential.

For some reason, I do not use to wear a hat to the city normally, but I always take it to the beach.

This time day I was very happy I took a hat. During the sunny days like this, you will need a hat for sure to protect your had, hair and face from direct sun rays.

For my makeup, I’ve made the lips using Australis matte lip colour that lasts super long! When the night covered the city with darkness and the temperature dropped, I’ve added a black leather jacket, pair of high heels and some more of that red lipstick. I love how you can wear a red bright lipstick and you do not really need much more makeup.

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Big thanks for pics to Svetlana check out her ->  photography Page 

and ->> Svetlana Sergeeva blog 

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4 thoughts on “Last days of Summer in Sydney. OOTD

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  2. irene laura - 18.04.2015
  3. mahryska - 03.05.2015

    love this summer look :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  4. zia - 04.05.2015

    such a cute outfit!! love the dress!
    xo, zia

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