Paradise Hotel Busan, South Korea

Hello travellers,

Today’s post is about my trip to South Korea and a review of a week of stay at Paradise Hotel Busan.

I would like to take you on a quick virtual tour of this hotel.

We usually choose this hotel when we come to Busan in the Spring or Autumn, while the weather is still good for the beach.

Haeundae Beach is suitable for swimming and normally you will find it still with no waves.

Here you can hire sunbed and umbrella from June to August. The water is a little bit cold from September, but a beach is still a beautiful place for a walk or just for a relaxing day.

In the beginning of October, the beach hosts Busan Film Festival, when the beach gets very busy, attracting lots of local and international visitors. You can often meet a celebrity here during this festive and busy season.

Paradise Hotel hosts private Film Festival parties and accommodates many international and local celebrities.

I was in the same elevator with Tilda Swinton here one day.

Many people come here only for a weekend 1-2 nights stay to enjoy the staycation, ocean views and the spa benefits.

It is currently the only hotel on the beach with the balconies. None of the other hotels around has balconies for some reason.

The hotel has is a scenic beachfront gym and a wonderful SPA area. I love to go to this SPA pools during the week when there are fewer people around and I would recommend avoiding weekends if possible.

The SPA is located on the outdoor terrace. There is a photo-worthy outdoor infinity pool with an Ocean Pool Lounge, where you can chill out with a book from the library. There is also a bar in the SPA area, where you can get yourself something refreshing.

They have recently built a separate water spa kids zone, which is a fun place to play and entertain your little ones if you stay here with the kids. They also have an underground kids centre with the kids driving a school and lots of fun for the families.

If you have time and a budget, visit Sundari SPA. You can book a room for two people, which gives you a bit of a discount per person. The best thing about this SPA is definitely the view. Enjoy your aroma bath or SPA massage watching the ocean!

This hotel would be perfect for honeymooners and big spenders. Service here is always immaculate and very attentive. I recommend you to try their ‘Hot Orange’ in one of those colder nights. It is super healthy and delicious.



The rooms are comfortable enough and the best thing about the stay here is that you will have a balcony. There is everything you need, perhaps, just apart of a toothpaste that is offered for sale within the room minibar shop. You may find larger hotel rooms for a similar price range in Busan, but the location and the views make all the judgement.  So if you want to be at the oceanfront and listen to the ocean sounds walking out to the balcony – this option is for you then. Some nights we were sleeping with the balcony doors open with the sounds of the ocean and it feels awesome and very relaxing.

Busan Beach Hotel

The corner family suits have the best views, however, there are no balconies, which is actually great for staying with kids. There is a large and spacious bathroom with a double sink and the bath with the view.

As in many other hotels in Busan, you will find here smart washrooms.

Family suite room bathroom view:


Sundari Spa:

Edge Infinity Pool (complimentary for the hotel guests)

If you have your bonuses included in your room cost, you will be able to enjoy the Lounge Benefits at Paradize Hotel, where you can have your complimentary coffee all day, buffet breakfasts with a large choice of breakfast items and some drinks with some light snacks in the evenings that sometimes can easily work for dinner. They usually had some chicken, various salads and sides. So if you do not feel like going out for dinner, just take the elevator from your room.


The area around Paradise hotel is great for walking and exploring. If you walk out to the beach and walk to the right, towards Westin Chosin and uphill, you will find a famous walking track with incredible views. The walk surrounded by pine trees and camellias and it is about 4 kilometres long. You can see the Lighthouse and an APEC building and also walk down to the water.


The hotel has a casino. You will have to show your passport to confirm you are a visitor. Koreans are not allowed to gamble by the law and this place only works for visitors with foreign passports.

There was a Duty-Free store right at the hotel a while ago, which was very convenient, but they have removed it and you will need to go to Lotte Hotel in Busanjin or to do your Duty-Free shopping at the airport.

Avoid Korean public holidays if you want to have a quiet stay or on the contrary, if you are after the buzz, come during the Busan Film Festival to be in the heart of the big event.

There is a wonderful and recently renovated buffet restaurant on the ground floor with a great wine list. This was one of the best restaurants in terms of food and service we have visited in Busan.

If you are after something else and would like to explore restaurants around – there are lots of cafes and restaurants around – this area is quite busy and you can always find what to do and where to go.

Check out Westin Chosin buffet dinner with the stunning bay views and delicious and dinner items with lots of fresh quality seafood, meat and vegetables too.

Then, for a more casual, but super delicious buffet – go down to the Party Haeundae Restaurant in the Pale De Cz complex right next to Paradise Hotel. The Party has a huge choice of food in their buffet, including an Italian Food corner with Pasta and Pizza that was approved by my Italian boyfriend :)

It’s all you can eat and it’s a great value for money. It is located on the underground level, so no views and no windows, but great food. The food is a little bit more simple than in some fancy restaurants, but it’s good enough. Great desserts.

If you would like to deep in to experience the local culture and check out the street food, walk inland to see the little market with various seafood street cafes and street food fried bites and food and different market staff for sale. You can simply ask at the hotel for the direction and they will tell you how to get there, but it’s very close and pretty simple to find it.



Thank you for reading! 




Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored. I could not take many photos this time as far as we were there during Typhoon, which destroyed all the beach – see photos and video here.


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