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Today’s post is about my trips to South Korea. I would like to take you for a short tour to the luxury hotel on the beach – Paradise Hotel. We usually choose this hotel when we come to Busan in the summertime or Autumn, while the weather is still good for the beach.

Hauendae Beach is suitable for swimming. Here you can hire sunbed and umbrella. The water is a little bit cold from September, but the beach is still a beautiful place for a walk or just for a day of relaxation.

In the beginning of October here is Busan Film Festival, when the beach gets very busy, attracting lots of locals and visitors. You can often meet a celebrity.

Paradise hotel hosts private Film Festival parties and accommodates many international and local celebs.

I casually bumped into Tilda Swinton in front of the lift, and we saw many other cool people there.

The hotel is not cheap, and some people come here only for a weekend 1-2 nights stay.

This is the only one hotel at the beach with the balconies. None of the other hotels around have balconies for some reason.

Here is an awesome beachfront gym complimentary for the hotel guests and a really nice SPA area. I love to go to this SPA pools during the week when here are fewer people around.

The SPA is located on the outdoor terrace, outdoor infinity pool with an Ocean Pool Lounge, where you can chill out with a book from the library. There is also a bar in the SPA area, where you can get yourself something refreshing.

If you have time and a budget, visit Sundari SPA with professional treatments and massages. You can book a room for two people, which gives you a bit of a discount per person. The best of this SPA is the view. Enjoy your aroma bath or SPA massage watching the ocean view!

This hotel would be perfect for honeymooners and big spenders. Coffee at the lobby costs about $20. Service here is always immaculate. I recommend you to try their ‘Hot Orange’ in one of those colder nights. It is super healthy and delicious.


The area around Paradise hotel is great for walking and exploring. If you walk out to the beach and walk to the right, towards Westin Chosin, you will find a famous track with incredible views. The walk surrounded by pine trees and camellias is about 4 kilometers and you will see the Lighthouse and an APEC building.

Just across the road from Paradise Hotel there is Hard Rock Hotel and some kind of a Plaza with little shops and restaurant on the left.

There are lots of cafes and restaurants around – this area is quite busy and you can always find what to do and where to go.

Just behind Hard Rock Bar you can find a little street with Fish Market, where you can watch or buy local seafood – fresh, grilled or cooked in a traditional way.

There is a Casino in the hotel. You will have to show your passport to confirm you are a visitor. Koreans are not allowed to play Casino by the law and this place only works for foreigners.

There was a Duty Free store right at the hotel a while ago, which was very convenient, but they have removed it and you will need to go to Lotte Hotel in Busanjin or to do your Duty Free shopping at the airport.

Avoid Korean public holidays if you want to have a quiet stay or come during Busan Film Festival to be in the heart of the big event.


The price is high, and for this kind of price range you will find larger rooms, but you would not find the same location. So if you want to be oceanfront and listen to the ocean sounds walking out to the balcony – this option is for you then.

The hotel is well-maintained, however, it is not very new, the quality is still good enough though. They currently do some scheduling maintenance and renovations and it looks like it will be even updated. You can see the renovations schedule on the official website.

As in many other hotels in Busan you will find here smart washrooms.


Balcony view from the room:

Sundari Spa:

Executive lounge at Paradize Hotel – complimentary coffee all the day, breakfasts and drinks with snacks in the evenings.





Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored. I could not take many photos this time as far as we were there during Typhoon, which destroyed all the beach – see photos and video here.


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