How to create a beautiful Foodie Shot

Take better food photos on your mobile phone!

Hi everyone, I am Inna and I create content for brands.

I work quite a lot with hospitality marketing and I run multiple business accounts for businesses.

Now we all stay home more than usual and we have a little bit more time to enjoy cooking, so you can also experiment with food photography.

Today I will show you how to take a perfect foodie shot and the simple mobile post-production steps to retouch the photo without exporting it to the desktop.

This post will be useful for foodies, cafe and restaurant owners or any small business owners who manage own social media presence and also for bloggers, food bloggers, marketers and social media managers.

First of all, a clean smartphone camera is crucial. If you do not wipe the camera, your photos will be blurry, dull and not sharp enough.

Make yourself a favour – wipe your phone camera with a paper soviet. Paper absorbs any skin oils, clean from the fingerprints, and dirt.

Here is before and after the magic trick of wiping your camera.

Can you see the difference?


Ideally, you will need to have a source of natural light. The best foodie photos are taking close to the window or in the alfresco area, balcony or terrace.

If you do not have any choice and you have to take night food photos – use an additional torch from someone’s else phone. I personally do not recommend taking night food photos.

Try using portrait mode if you have it on your phone camera.


Take photos of your settings from different angle, do not take only from above, experiment and take if from the side, move things around in the process and see what looks best. At the beginning it’s all about trial and errors, take your time, so next time you will have more experience and you will know what angles you like most.


Food flatlays are still popular, even though original lifestyle Instagram flatlays become a little boring. Food is always fun! (and delicious)

When you have taken at least 5-10 photos (I usually take way more and my food always get cold lol), you can go ahead and choose your favourite that you are happy with and start editing it.

How to edit food photo on your mobile phone.

  1. Open your photo in the Snapseed app and hit Tools. If you need to correct the perspective, Choose Perspective and make sure your image looks straight.
  2. Crop it for Instagram format 4×5
  3. Choose the Curve tool and lift it slightly in the middle to make your image brighter.
  4. Hit ‘Tune Image’ in Tools and slight your ambience slightly to the right (or left – depending on your exposition)
  5. Now choose Selective correction (as on the image below on the left) and tap on the white plates to choose the correction areas and slide up and down to choose brightness and saturation. Desaturate the white to make it whiter and pump up the brightness.

6. Add sharpness on selected spots. Open image in Factune app and choose details, make your dishes items sharper, drawing on top of them with your finger.

7. If your image is too yellow, use Lightroom App. I also like to take the greens to a positive hue a little bit to make it more green than yellow


8. Lastly, add your favourite filter, for example, choose one from VSCO app or TEZZA

If you have any questions about Instagram, you can direct message me on Insta

Make sure to tag me when you will use this method @inna_tevi

It may look a little bit complicated, but you will make it faster with practice and it will transform your feed!

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