How to clean your pores. And how to keep it clean.

Products for clean that black heads and keep your pores clean.

Here is my list and best products that I’ve tried and would recommend.
I usually use them on the following consistency. I’ve got normal and a bit sensitive skin with some T-zone pores problems as almost everyone got but not so many of us talking about it. Here are  my secrets:

How to clean your pores.



1. Etude House Baking powder BB face wash.

Best facial wash I have ever tried. Very soft scrabbing, gives your skin very clean and soft feeling.

Baking Powder Etide hose BB face wash review

2. Cilnique toner for normal skin.
When I’ve actually tried it first, I did not like it.
However after using it for a couple of weeks, my skin looks really better, pores are clean. I have less pimples appearance.
Clinique toner review
3. Sticky stripes for T-zone.
Removes black heads.
Apply it after a shower to wet skin. Wait until the stripe will be completely dry. Tadam! All your black heads will be on the stripe after use!
Do not forget to use pore tightening products after. Cause your pores are open now and easily getting dirty again.


Pores stripes

4. Egg pore tightening mask, Tony Moly.

T-zone pore minimizing mask. Use it after pore cleaning, for example with special noze sticky stripes. To tighten your pores, reducing they appearance and black heads treatment and prophylaxis.

Tony Moly egg pore mask

Egg pore by Tony Moly review

5. Eisenberg facial mask.
You will need just a little amount of mask for your face, so it will last really long (mine is about 2 year, using 3-4 times a month). Removes redness, cleans your pores, makes your skin beautiful. It is also works as a spot-on treatment (just use a little amount on top of a pimple).


Eisenberg pore mask


6. Sanctuary scrub.

Soft scrub to remove dead cells is crucial for healthy skin color and cleans pores.


Sanctuary scrub review


7.    Clinique Pore serum.

Tightening serum for your skin face. Use it after other pore cleaning steps. I am using it for my T-zone and before my daily skin care cream. I can not tell that my skin changes dramatically after using this product. But it gives you that smooth feeling and sometimes when my skin feels oily, I use only this serum and do not use moisturizing cream.

Clinique pore serum

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