How to clean your pores. And how to keep it clean.

Products for clean that blackheads and keep your pores clean.

Here are my list and best products that I’ve tried and would recommend for clean pores and smooth skin.

I usually use these in the following image order. I’ve got normal and a bit sensitive skin with some T-zone pores problems as almost everyone got but not so many of us talking about it. Here are  my secrets:

How to clean your pores.



1. Etude House Baking powder BB face wash

Best facial wash I have ever tried. Very soft scrabbing that gives your skin very clean and soft feeling.

Baking Powder Etide hose BB face wash review

2. Clinique toner for the normal skin

When I’ve actually tried it first, I did not like it.
However after using it for a couple of weeks, my skin looks really better, pores are clean. I have fewer pimples appearance.
Clinique toner review

3. Sticky stripes for T-zone

Removes blackheads.
Apply it after a shower to wet skin. Wait until the stripe will be completely dry. Tadam! All your blackheads will be on the stripe after use!
Do not forget to use pore-tightening products after. Cause your pores are open now and easily getting dirty again.


Pores stripes

4. Egg pore tightening mask, Tony Moly

T-zone pore minimizing mask. Use it after pore cleaning, for example with special nose sticky stripes. To tighten your pores, reducing the appearance and blackheads treatment and prophylaxis.

Tony Moly egg pore mask

Egg pore by Tony Moly review

5. Eisenberg facial mask

You will need just a little amount of mask for your face, so it will last really long (mine is about 2 year, using 3-4 times a month). Removes redness, cleans your pores, makes your skin beautiful. It also works as a spot-on treatment (just use a little amount on top of a pimple).


Eisenberg pore mask


6. Sanctuary scrub

Soft scrub to remove dead cells is crucial for healthy skin colour and cleans pores.


Sanctuary scrub review


7.    Clinique Pore serum

Tightening serum for your skin face. Use it after other pore cleaning steps. I am using it for my T-zone and before my daily skin care cream. I can not tell that my skin changes dramatically after using this product. But it gives you that smooth feeling and sometimes when my skin feels oily, I use only this serum and do not use moisturizing cream.

Clinique pore serum


Hello ladies,

here is an update from ‘back to the future’ in July 2018 :)

I wrote this post 4 years ago and I still use and totally love these products:

Baking powder by Etude House

One love!

I bought it probably 5 times since then, I switch to other ones to try something new but always come back to this one eventually.

Clinique Pore Solution

is still with me.

I have also tried another product by Sanctuary brand – warming detox mask. You gently massage it into your skin first and then leave it for 5 minutes and rinse. I love the effect and how it refines and cleans the skin.

I normally pass with the cleansing anti-blemish toner after and I currently use one by Biore.

I keep two toners on my vanity shelf – one moisturising for normal skin type and another one for blemish control. I use or another one and alternate depending on how my skin looks and feel.

I have also tried Glam Glow Youth Mud Tingle Exfoliating mask and I love the results. It is a little pricey and I use it once in a while before the events or when my skin has many breakages, looks dull and needs to be revived asap.

One a week you may need using any mud musk from a local pharmacy, any mud musk can work well.

Ensure to moisturise the skin after any mud mask and use the softening and moisturising treatment generously, or wear a mask sheet for about 15 minutes.


I will also mention my Benefit Poreficial that for some reason I do not really use, perhaps, as I do not have very enlarged pores and I do not really see any effect. I think this product you need to use to conceal to mask your problem, but not to treat it, while the products in this list here are great to fight and prevent your pores enlargement and blackheads.


When it already has happened

If your pores are already locked and you have a problem here like pimples all around – here is where heavy artillery comes to work!

Try Body Shop Tea Tree treatment mask – you can use it locally on the problem spots or on your T-Zone, or on the full Face. I would not recommend using it often if you have a normal or dry skin, but only time to time. I think it also fights any bacterias and calms any skin inflammations down for sure.


Keep in mind an idea that your skin imperfections may be caused by dehydration and a bad diet. Ensure to moistorise your skin properly, eat clean and healthy, try to exclude milk and see how magic happens!


PS: this post is not sponsored and I have purchased all these products.

If anything is ever sponsored in my blog I only share my personal honest opinion after I used a product for a while.

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