Rainy Weather Outfits. How to look classy under the rain?


Rainy weather inspires to create new beautiful looks, if you need some inspiration and do knot know what to wear in those rainy days, check these options, so you might have some fresh ideas of how to create and match your outfits. How to stay beautiful happy and stylish in rainy days? People often wear black and grey boring and sad looks,  hiding from the rain in something baggy, looks not really attractive, I’ve created a few different inspo outfits options for you and added my rainy day looks.


outfit combo inspiration for a rainy weather


Reed more to see the details and more outfits!

1. Biege Classy look (above)

Add a bit of dark nail polish for a perfect balance.

2. Silver Rain.

Classy but edgy and trendy.

silver rain outfits. Water proof fashion.

This option will suit a night out or a even a day time office outfit. You can still look glamorous and shiny under the rain. Don’t forget about waterproof mascara and eyebrow pomade for a perfect attention to details. Remember to take care about your hair, avoiding the frizz. I love using U Luxury shine hair cream for that, you will definitely love it if you try.

3. I love Rain in Red.

Rain proof outfits in red

Red is new Red. Pick leather or leather-looking pants instead a cool look. I personally love wearing beanie during the rain – it makes me feel so comfy, cozy and warm.


4. Pearly pink.Cool shiny outfit for rainy weather. Pink pearls


One of the most beautiful rain coats that I’ve ever seen, hm? Something to consider is a bright color rain color for standing out from the crowd and looking pretty. Add some dark burgundy lipgloss to balance the look and to make it trendy. And of course, the favorite parfum will boost your mood in a bad weather conditions!


4. Black and Gold classy chick.

Black and gold classy and sassy outfit for the rain.


Here I’v chosen berry-red lipstick and skin illuminator to make this look fresh even though everything else is black. Hidden platforms heels are more comfortable for walking and especially for walking under the rain.

Which outfit would you pick and what are your favorite items for the wet weather?

Stay beautiful!

xx, Inna.



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