Road Trip Idea Around Noosa, QLD

Table Lands


QUEENSLAND ROAD TRIP IDEA.  One day escape to Tablelands.

Woondum National Park. Kin Kin. Mary River. Noosa. Sunshine Coast, QLD.


⁣Save the route!

A new adventure idea for anyone who is in Noosa or plans to visit it one day.

~ 30 minutes away from Noosa ~⁣

Here is how we did it and a little bit about our stops and routes to help you navigate the area.

1.  Start from at James McKane Lookout park to enjoy the view, and take some photos.⁣ There is a stunning panoramic view from the hill, a picnic area and parking available.

2. Then, if you drive a 4WD, move on to explore an awesome 10km track in the incredible forest. ⁣See the photo below.

3. You can have a picnic by the Rock Pools at the Woondum National Park (4WD Access only).⁣

Make sure to download the map of Woondum National Park if you decide to drive through, as there is no reception.

We have visited this Rock Pool during a very dry season and there was not much water. So my travel tip here will be to visit this place after the rain, so you can swip here in a fresh water.

Have a look at the photo below, but keep in mind that there can be wet mud paddles even during the dry season and you will definitely need a 4WD to drive there.

There are bathrooms, picnic area and wood BBQ facilities at the Rock Pools.

⁣4. If you love hiking - check out the Mt. Boulder track here.⁣

5. Next stop - Mary River to enjoy the views and have a nap in the shade, and take some photos, of course! ⁣

There are toilets across the road if you will need any facilities. See our Mary River Stop location on the map. We have got a little bit lost looking for this place, so I have saved it for you!


McKane Lookout, Noosa, Sunshine Coast
McKane Lookout, Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Woondum National Park 4 WD drive

Woondoom National Park. Places to see around Noosa

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