Roadtrip PlayList.

Hello escapers! Majority of soundtrack that I was able to find online are pretty boring. Or those existing playlists sounds like a sweaty rockers-truck-drivers radios. If we would turn it on in our car, we  either feel asleep either smash our player =) So I’ve created our own playlist for traveling!


By our experience driving thousands kilometers, and according to our music preferences, we formed this mood boosting fun playlist. Turn it on, go places and dance in a car!


You are welcome to subscribe to this playlist & share, so you can listen to it any time. We are continuously working on it and adding new tracks, because we have so many hours of trips ahead!

Let me know what do you think and what are your favorite tunes for a perfect road trip? If your like this playlist, I might add your favorite tunes to it.


1 thought on “Roadtrip PlayList.

  1. Diana - 13.04.2016

    You have a lot of good picks. One of my favorite tunes is Crush by Jennifer Paige.

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