Roadtrip From Sydney to Fraser Island. Special Moments and stops.

Hello my dearest friends! Today I’d like to share with you some cool moments from our awesome road trip to Fraser Island. This is where we stopped on the way driving sll the way north from Sydney. Road trip is always a good idea. You can see so many places and get lots of experience. For those who surf, it is very important to check all the surf spots on the way, and that is what we have seen:

1driving driving 01Just a short first stop – North Heaven Beach. Juts seconds before the storm has arrived.

5 NORTH heaven



Fraser Park:

This is one of our favorite spots: Fraser Park. We took some fresh fruits and vegetables for a breakfast as well as a few sandwiches.

10 11



Driving a lot and waking up early everyday for driving again for about 4-5 hours might be challenging, but you always can stop at the beach or in one of the rest areas to have a nap. We’ve got this magic travel bed from Super Cheep Auto. It is very light, easy to fold, it’s compact and comfortable for the sweet naps. 20 sleeping travel couchSouth Coffs Harbour





On the way back we stopped in Noosa. Noosa welcomed us with warm ocean waters, nice ambience, shopping and great hospitality. We’ve booked a nice place for two nights at Wolngarin resort. Everything was fully booked but we have found a spot and it was so lovely and comfortable. Wolgarin is a really nice place to stay, good-sised cottages with a swimming pool and everything you need in the room and kitchens. The owners are very helpful and lovely people. We will definitely come back.

hells gates
Hells Gates!


16 Noosa

17 Noosa trip

Hells Gates

Now here we are with our car, going to board the Ferry and cross the bay to Fraser Island – the biggest sand island in the World and one of the most exciting places we have ever been to.

19 Fary

Some Facts about our trip:

We drove about 3500 km for 12 days. We used about 400 litres of petrol.

Big thanks to all of you guys, who are reading my blog   ♡♡ 

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watch the video from our road trip to Fraser Island!

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