Something sweet

Want something sweet..?

10 sweet sugarfree things with Zero calories that you will like.

Cue presents ideas for a sweet tooth!


1.  Holika Holika Cupcake lip balmscupcackes sugarfree

2. Virgin coconut oil ( skin deep moisturizing )coconutoil


3.  Ice cream cone heels Charlotte Olympia 

ice cream heels

4. Dolce Milk shower gel /Banana and strawberry are the best!

dolce milk banana


5. Bodyshop vanilla fragrance mist vanilla-body-mist_l

6. Macaroon sweatshirt from Romwie

macaroon sweatshirt


7. Double chocolate chip mint cookieschocolate gel


8. Tony Moly Apple Hand cream

Tony moly

9. Hawaian Tropic Lime Coolada after sun body lotion

You’ll Love the smell and its moisturizing effect!




10. Swarovski Cherry. Just sweet obsession.


You would not need to eat anything sweet if you use these products.

What are you favourite sweeteners?



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