Split front pants. Beautiful trend you probably missed

While culottes trousers are getting popularity, flared pants are coming back and high wasted pants are here to stay, there is another beautiful trend that many stays overlooked.

Wide split shape looks gorgeous, particular and trendy. It looks elegant and edgy at the same time.

It is easy to match this pants with different tops, including T-shirts, tank tops, shirts, and blouses. Moreover, you can match tit with various kinds of shoes from snickers and flat sandals to high heels.

I am quite happy that not many girls wear these, otherwise this trend would be boring! I believe culottes in most of the cases look ugly and this style for me is the winner.

With a little bit of wind or a movement, the fabric is flirting and uncovers your skin, but then it gets back down and fully covers your legs. It is a little bit tricky, but that’s the point – it looks cheeky (ha, sounds like rap lol).

Wide pants split

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2 thoughts on “Split front pants. Beautiful trend you probably missed

  1. Roxcii Boutique - 06.08.2016

    Wow, such beautiful pics, wonderful background and gorgeous outfits. I love your black and white strip top. You look absolutely stunning in both dress.

    Roxcii Boutique
    Formal Dresses Sydney

  2. ann - 21.08.2016

    High wasted is very trendy right now especially in jeans and shorts i do agree with you. I love your outfit though i’m not a fan of Black but you look amazing on it so sexy and stunning ^^


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