St. Petersburg in March. The end of Russian winter.

St. Petersburg in Russia is one of my favorite destinations and truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. During my years as a bachelor student (arts and travel business) I spent a lot of my time there, so:

Consider adding St. Petersburg to your bucket list, if it is not on there yet!

The end of Russian Winter

Russia in March


Normally it is freezing in February/March: The temperature can fall as low as to minus 30°C. This time I was lucky and it was only around zero. The best time to visit this magical place is the time during the end of May and mid of July to see the famous phenomenon of the “White Nights”. There is so much to do and to see here! St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, and I could say, one of the cultural capitals of Europe. Make sure you have some time to explore the arts, history, the theater and ballet in this beautiful city with its historical buildings, some of them the former residences of the Russian emperors.
St Petersburg in March

Make sure you’ll have a walk along Nevsky prospect from the beginning to the end and walk to the Neva river and small channels. If you are visiting this city in summertime, take a short boat trip around rivers and channels. Visit Hermitage, and wear comfortable shoes – because you’l might need to walk a few kilometers lol. It is huge and you can not see everything for only one day, so make your own map of interest and go to see those things.

My favorite museum after Hermitage is State Russian Museum of Art with it’s huge size Aivazovsky paintings that you can stare at forever.

This time I’ve also visited Mikhailovsky Theater, which I highly recommend. We watched Triple Bill by Nacho Duato and it was something very touchable and unforgettable.
St Petersburg St. Petersburg St Petersburg blog

Oversized coat ice river green oversized coat

Photos: Julia Zuy

Coat RealCoco (Korean), pants – Calsedonia, backpack Calvin Klein.


3 thoughts on “St. Petersburg in March. The end of Russian winter.

  1. Adam Kallio - 01.04.2016

    I love this look!

    Looking for more ways to impress chef kallio

  2. Kelsey - 08.04.2016

    Great post! I’d love to visit there :) Also adore your backpack.

    Kelsey x

  3. Maddy - 09.04.2016

    Great post and photos! St. Petersburg is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit!
    Happy to have just found your blog; looking forward to following along! :)

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