Stradbroke Island. Second largest sand island in Australia!

Stradbroke Island, is the second biggest sand island in Australia after the Fraser Island.  It is less wild and more accessible, you can even go there with a small car and 4WD vehicle is not that necessary. Queensland residents go there on weekends and some of them have holiday houses to spend and relaxing time there.

Australians call Stradbroke Island with a short and friendly ‘Straddie’ name.

Stradbroke Island storm

As far as we love exploring wild and remote areas for surf, fishing, gateway and just for curiosity, we go to Straddie with our 4WD and set our camp in a Flinders beach around camping area number 7, which is quiet and wild. There are also less facilities than in other public and more accessible campgrounds, such as, for instance, Cylinder Beach, where families and less adventures people use to stay. There is no BBQ facilities as well in Flinders beach, but campground is allowed, so you can feel like a real islander and wild traveller.

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The Ferry from Cleveland point takes you about 40 minutes to get to Straddie and you arrive to the ‘busy’ Dunwich Point or Amity Point, where you can find a few shops, cafes, pharmacy and post office. Some people do not even bother to go anywhere else and just stay around there in on of the holiday rentals or in their campers. We prefer going away a little bit further and move

towards our spot at Flinders. Anyways, everything is very close in this Island, you can drive from area to another for just about 15 minutes. Main roads are sealed and there is no problem to drive, in comparison to Fraser Island sand dunes.

A girl and the ocean

There is just a little bit of an issue driving on a beach on the pick of a high tide, so you might need to wait until the tide will go a little bit down to drive.

Best locations to visit on Stradbroke Island:

Cylinder Beach

Stradbroke Island beaches

Main Beach

Stradbroke Island Main Beach

Blue Lake

Stradbroke Island highlights

Brown Lake

Stradbroke Island things to do

Fishes at the point

Stradbroke Island trip-7

What I like about this place is, of course,  the location, various fresh salads and specials every day.  Local seafood dishes is fresh and awesome.

Rufus Seafood 

(check the link)

Oceanic Gelati

Stradbroke Island blog

Some common questions about Stradbroke Island:

Do I need a 4WD to go to Stradbroke Island?

-Not necessarily, the roads are good and unless you want to go to the bush or explore the beach drive or to camp on Flinders campground you do not need 4WD.

Can you go to Stradbroke Island without a car?

Some people even jump on the ferry without any vehicles. You can take a bicycle or use a very rare public transport or just stay around Dunwich or Amity point, enjoying this area around the ferry warf. There is a shallow beach, which is good for the children, a few shops and hotels, where you can walk around.Stradbroke Island surfspots

Is there a supermarket on Stradbroke Island?

Yes, there are two FoodWorks supermarket, surf shops and several cafes. Also there is  a very good place, where you can buy fresh local seafood for dinner or lunch – Rufus Seafood.

If you have any questions about Straddie – simply leave it in the comment below and I’ll happy to answer.

Blue lake swim. Underwater

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