Luxury SPA experience in South Korea. Sundari.


 Do you like SPA? Then you need to know about the most scenic bath with an endless ocean view.

This time we are going to Paradise hotel in Busan, Haeundae Beach in South Korea. Today I will open the doors of this spa for you to share the experience. Sundari SPA is an international luxury and well-known SPA brand.

Paradise hotel Spa review


This is a great way to relax after you’ve had a long – distance flight. The spa experience is also better after a gym session and after a crazy touristic runaround :) So, I went to the gym at Paradise hotel and then I’ve got to relax and treat my body with perhaps of the most luxurious treatment in South Korea.

3 hours packaging here includes bath time with a special salt, colourful bath jelly and aroma treatment. You will enjoy a bath with this magic mixture of colours and scents while sightseeing the waves.

sundari spa-4

sundari spa-5

Your spa therapist helps you with the bath and you’ll be advised to use a bikini provided. I just guessed that I might need my bathing suit, so I grabbed mine and it was a good idea.

I was not informed about that, though. Overall I felt like there was not much information about everything. It would be definitely better if you could know more about what they do to you, what you need and what you’ll get after the treatments they apply. It may feel like there is some miscommunications. But well, who cares when there is such a great view and you are getting your goddess body and mind!

sundari spa-7

They offer you some herbal tea and water while you enjoy the bath. After you finish soaking, you will be advised to take a shower and get ready for your massage.

Massage here is good and I love massage in general (who does not?!). I can not tell it was something very unusual and something fantastic, maybe because I am too spoiled with my Balinese experience :)

I enjoyed a lot their facials here. The effect was great and my skin honestly looked divine after. (*a small drawback:  while they apply a few different treatments and products on your face, you kind of want like to know what is it for and to hear some comments, so do not expect that you will understand what are they doing to you lol).

All facial treatment was in total silence. I’ve also noticed that the staff was not really speaking English much (just a very little bit). Which was quite strange, because this is happening in a hotel with a lot of international tourists. Also, all the information about the spa and booklets are only in Korean.

sundari spa-8

After all the treatments ended up, you are invited to get ready and you can use luxury beauty products (Chanel and Bobby Brown).


sundari spa-3

Spa Busan Haendae

sundari spa-9


Overall, I’ve got a great relaxation session and a very uniques unique experience.

The place is fantastic and nothing compares to it.

I believe there are still some things to improve in terms of service and information provided.

Of cause, it is not something that you do in your casual life, and it is definitely worthy I to do this. Just try to get as much information as you can in advance from them.

The whole treatment with a bath cost about $400 for 3 hours, including massage, facial, bath, some products that you can use and of course, the priceless experience with that view. Tip: if you wish to spend less, ask for 2-2.5 hours session for two people which still includes the bath.

It is a good idea to come here on a bad weather day and enjoy the scenic storm from the relaxing bath.

PS. I love to make SPA at home and very soon I’ll tell you my secrets. Please, subscribe to the news to know how and I’ll see you soon at the same place – ♡


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