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This time we discover Sunshine Coast as a place to relocate from Sydney in search of a great work-life balance, perfect waves, safe and beautiful place to leave, wonderful surroundings and relaxing vibes, and regional visa opportunities.

Sunshine Coast is developing a lot lately and they are currently building an International airport here, which will make it more convenient to travel rather than driving to Brisbane for one and a half hour to catch your flight. This will also cause the flow of investments and developments into the area, so there are hyps of opportunities arising there in the horizon. If you are looking to invest in an affordable property in Australia that will grow in price significantly in a few years – this is the place to be. The Sunshine Coast.

‘Collect memories and not things’ expression is becoming more significant and makes more sense for me now.

I have always been an adventurous person, who choose a trip over a designer bag. However, if there is a possibility to have both, I also love looking stylish and having something nice to wear :) Many of you girls will understand me.

So my partner booked a trip to Sunshine Coast for us as my birthday present.

I loved this trip, and I will always remember it. I share here my photo memories with you, so you can have a virtual tour and enjoy the views with us.

Here is my photo guide and what you can do and see in Sunshine Coast for a few days:

Sunshine Coast life

I definitely recommend climbing Mountain Coolum.

I am usually not the biggest fan of tracking, even though I do that from time to time. Some tracks are boring, but mount Column track will keep you entertained with spectacular views. It is a kind of easy one, but make sure to have plenty of water, as far as there are no refill stations on the track. Wear comfy clothes and most importantly, sneakers or some comfortable shoes suitable for tracking. Do not wear thongs!

It is quite an easy track, but make sure to have plenty of water, as far as there are no refill stations on the track. Wear comfy clothes and most importantly, sneakers or some sort of comfortable shoes suitable for tracking. Do not wear thongs!

Take a binocular, especially in the winter time during the whale migration season – you will see plenty of whales! It took us about 30-40 minutes to go up with a few short stops to catch the breath and to take some photos of the track for you :)

A place popular as the Best burgers in Noosa were really great. The hype spot with a cute interior, it’s a very instagrammable spot! ;) We could not resist their burger offer and I loved their Mushroom burger here, while Valentino confirmed his beef and mushroom was one of the best he has ever tried.

They also have awesome desserts on the menu, but we were too full after a big size burger, that we could not go for a dessert, unfortunately. I will definitely try their sweet treats if I come back to Noosa.

A must place to visit is a Noosa National Park, where you can see Koalas and, in Winter time Whales jumping. To find a Koala, stop at the information kiosk and ask a lovely lady where they think koalas are at this moment – they usually are aware and can give you a tip. There is also a cafe and a souvenir shop, where you can have a refreshment, a map, and a souvenir if you wish. There will be a water refill station at the start of the path only within a few meters from the info centre. If you have your water bottle, you can simply refill it there.

Our favourite beaches for surfing around Sunshine Coast are Sunshine Beach and Sunrise Beach. The only drawback at  Sunshine beach for me was the dog exercise area.

We stopped in a little budget Airbnb, you can have a look at my quick video tour below. Our accommodation cost was only $70 a night and we’ve got our own kitchen and even bikes.

Here is a short video about our trip :)

Here is the link

Now it’s a storytime and some lyrics about the reasons why we went to Sunshine Coast this time.

When we went to Fraser Island during our Sydney-Fraser Island road trip a few years ago, we have stopped in Sunshine Coast on our way north. Since then, we (me and my <3 Valentino) had a dream of moving to the Sunshine Coast area, as far as we fell in love with the local vibe, amazing warm weather.

So our goal of visiting Sunshine coast this time, apart from exploration and holiday, was checking the area for relocating ourselves from Sydney.

We really love it here. After about five years here we decided we would love to reside in this beautiful country.

We travelled to Australia quite a lot, and we have found so so so many gorgeous areas with friendly and polite people and a great vibe.

I love big cities, especially Moscow and New York that never sleep and Hongkong, Bangkok, Seoul, and Singapore, which I absolutely love to visit and watch their shiny skyscrapers views and visiting numerous hospitality venues and multiple events. Sydney is a gorgeous city with a wonderful mix of nature and concrete jungle big city life. Oppositely to Moscow, New York or London, you can not tell about Sydney that it never sleeps, but there are still many activities to do during the day and a few late-night venues.

That has been said, there is a huge difference between visiting a big city for fun and leaving in a big city. So we have decided that at this stage we would like to escape the crowded urban life and to live near the beach and having a more chilled lifestyle for the moment.

So we were looking for a place where we can live with the lovely coast nearby, having some residency, and potential business growth opportunities, nice people around, and where you can plan to buy a nice house in the nearest future.

Assessing opportunities for moving from Sydney to Sunshine Coast, we have decided that

Advantages of life in Sunshine Coast for us are:

  • Amazing weather, it is sunny, and the water is warm even in Winter time
  • Beautiful beaches and coast, a pleasant area to live in
  • Great surfing
  • Beautiful and quiet area
  • Area developing opportunities, like economic and demographical growth
  • Regional visa and permanent residency opportunities for us
  • Friendly people
  • You can find Beautiful and big houses near the beach, more affordable than Sydney’s rates
  • You can go to Noosa, where is always something happening – you can find bars there, various restaurants and beautiful people around.
  • There is no traffic
  • If you miss big city life, you can catch a one hour and something flight to Sydney whenever you want to have a weekend party or do whatever in the big city, which is not that far.

Noosa is a touristic destination in Sunshine coast that attracts visitors from all over Australia and even Europe with its beautiful beaches, national parks, hospitality, events, shopping and relaxed vibe. We have noticed that people in Noosa are polite, everyone looks educated and well-dressed. When we went our in Noosa a few times, people are wearing long pants and nice dresses, you hardly can spot someone in board shorts and thongs, as in any other places in Australia, even in big cities.

We have noticed that people in Noosa are polite, everyone looks educated and well-dressed. When we went out in Noosa a few times, people were wearing long pants and nice dresses.

Personally, for me, Sunshine Coast looks a little boring. However, you can still find some local life activities, do sports, and there is always something to explore. Valentino (my partner) is obsessed with the Sunshine Coast lifestyle. Nevertheless, if you dedicate a lot of time to work and your business development, even in Sydney I can not say we go out that much, but there is always a huge choice of things to do.

Nevertheless, even in Sydney, I can not say we do not usually go out every day, but there is always a huge choice of things to do.

If you dedicate a lot of your time to work and your business development, perhaps, you have less time to go out much anyway.

What they told us about the Jobs situation that we found in Sunshine Coast

Here is what we found out researching the job and business opportunities through our personal and business contacts, famous online job searches platforms and questioning nearly everyone who we met in the area:

  • There are actually not that many jobs available on the market
  • Majority of contracts are casual or seasonal
  • Many people who leave here have their own small businesses
  • Nevertheless, if you are a great specialist with priceless experience and amazing personal skills, you can still find a job anywhere in the world as you can in the Sunshine Coast.

Thus, the potential drawbacks of relocation to Sunshine Coast can be the following:

  • Boring life in comparison to Sydney – fewer cafes, restaurants, events and happenings, etc
  • Fewer jobs or business opportunities

Update 2019 – we have eventually moved to Noosa and we can’t be happier about the place we live in now. This is the best place to be in Australia. Yes, it can be slightly boring some times and if I am bored and miss the city vibe, I can drive one and a half hour to Brisbane and enjoy the concrete jungle buzz. I totally love Brisbane and for the moment it is my favourite city in Australia.

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