I found a Hidden Oasis in Sydney’s Concrete Jungle

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This week I’ve found this hidden oasis in the middle of Sydney’s concrete jungle. It is very easy to find it. You might not even have an idea that this little unpretentious entrance hides behind a gem-view.

This is a top-notch spot to relax while surrounded by greenery and city views. The menu offers a variety of share-friendly options. Small platters are good enough for one person, in case if you feel like relaxing on your own and enjoying the view.The Butler Sydney

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The terrace is heated, so it feels cozy and warm even during those cooler days.

Each dish is a masterpiece of modern Australian Kitchen. Hands down torched salmon with puffed rice – tender fillet in crunchy rice, sesame and nori – this is something inimitable.

I am stoked to go back to try other combos, such as ‘Pork croquette, persimmon, tamarind’, ‘Pearl barley, beetroot, nasturtium’ or ‘Octopus, burnt apple, dill, sea herbs’ sound tempting. Any meal tastes even better here with a side dish of sunset city view.

5 thoughts on “I found a Hidden Oasis in Sydney’s Concrete Jungle

  1. Kasie Chelanne - 25.09.2016

    Wat a unique and special place! This truly does look like a oasis within the city. I haven’t visited Sydney yet but it is definitely high on my list. Sydney seems like such a vibrant and magical city!

  2. Eva Perez - 26.09.2016

    What a beautiful photo diary. One day I’d love to visit Sidney too.
    xxx, Eva


  3. Andreea Birsan - 28.09.2016

    That’s such a great place to check out. x

    Have a great week,

  4. Maray - 30.09.2016

    Beautiful post! :)


  5. Eden @ Mint Notion - 01.10.2016

    I love the vibe of this place, it looks beautiful with all the greenery. I would definitely visit here. Have a nice weekend :)

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