What makes a foreign country?

What defines a foreign country?

Definitions of foreign country. any state of which one is not a citizen. “working in a foreign country takes a bit of getting used to” type of: body politic, commonwealth, country, land, nation, res publica, state. a politically organized body of people under a single government.

What is an example of a foreign country?

The definition of foreign is from a country other than your own. … An example of a foreign country is Spain, if you live in the U.S.

Is USA a foreign country?

The fact is that increasing numbers of global companies based elsewhere are targeting the United States as a growth market. … After all, the United States is a foreign country, too.

What is foreign in simple words?

Definition of foreign

1 : situated outside a place or country especially : situated outside one’s own country foreign cities. 2 : born in, belonging to, or characteristic of some place or country other than the one under consideration has a large foreign population foreign languages.

Is Mexico considered a foreign country?

Mexico is a country found in North America.

It is officially known as the United Mexican States. Mexico is located between the United States and Central America.

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Which country is foreign country?

Foreign countries are all of the countries that you do not live in, so if you reside in Somalia, then every country other than Somalia will be considered a foreign country in your eyes.

What is the name of a foreign country?

List of countries and codes

Short name Official name GAUL
Algeria the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria 4
Andorra the Principality of Andorra 7
Angola the Republic of Angola 8
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda 11

What does Foreign mean in government?

Foreign government means the national government of a country other than the United States of America.

What states are considered country?

Southern United States

Southern United States Dixie, Southern States, American South, the South, the Southland
Country United States
States Alabama Arkansas Delaware Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia West Virginia

Is Canada a country?

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. It borders the United States to the south, and the US state of Alaska to the north-west. It is also next to the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. … The Arctic region of the country has hundreds of islands.

What are China’s allies?

On this criteria we can say that Pakistan, North Korea, Russia are it’s current allies and India , United states ,Vietnam and Japan are China’s major competitors ( not enemies ) .

What are foreign particles?

Most often, foreign particles contaminating a product have a composition that differs from that of the product itself, so the common method of foreign particle analysis is composition analysis. … It may not be possible to designate or identify this insect as a foreign particle just with composition analysis.

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What word class is foreign?

foreign. / (ˈfɒrɪn) / adjective. of, involving, located in, or coming from another country, area, people, etca foreign resident.

What does foreign object mean?

In medical terms, a foreign object is something that is in the body but doesn’t belong there. Foreign objects may be inserted into the body accidentally or intentionally. They are also sometimes swallowed. They can become lodged or stuck in various parts of the body, such as the ears, nose, eyes, and airways.