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Ulladulla Winter Surf

The best thing about winter in Australia – is that you can travel around without any traffic and the places you visit are empty. Also you can find amazing deals on the accommodations. If you surf – winter season in NSW spoil you with good swells and big waves.

Here is an idea what of where you can escape for a few days away from Sydney busy days.

Chasing the waves and looking for a relaxing escape, we left the city for a relaxing escape. It us about 3 hours driving from Sydney.


Ulladulla map

Places to explore around Ulladulla:


Ulladulla surfing beach-2

Manta Bay

It is a beautiful lagoon just behind Bendalong beach (2 minutes driving). This is an awesome place for snorkeling!  You can often see here big sting rays, which come very close to the shore.Manta BayManta Bay beach

Tabourie Lake

There is a good beach for surf and some other attractions.

Visit Tabourie official website to see what you can do here.

Lake Conjola

This is a gorgeous relaxing place with a blue lagoon. It is great for paddle boards, fishing, and swimming with kids. Lots of wildlife, especially kangaroos.

Green Island UlladullaWhat to do in Mollymoock


We’ve discovered this beautiful place and I would like to share with you in this post.

It seems like this place gets very busy during school holidays. And there is a reason for that – many cool things to do for families with kids! There are many activities such as water park and a big playground for the kids. There is also a cafe and even a little shop.

Our experience at this place was a little bit different, and we enjoyed a quiet stay with literally no one around.

Even though the water park and a playground were not open yet, we had beautiful and relaxing time here.

The best thing about this place – the prettiest cottages ‘Lagoon Lodges’ at the lake. Your terrace is literally on the lake and this is how it looks like:

We’ve done some BBQ for a dinner on our patio just outside of our kitchen. The heater at the cottage kept the house warm, and we slept very well in there.

If you surf – you will find waves at local spots Bendalong and Tabourie, also check Manyana and Dolhin Point.

Where to eat? There are some cafes and restaurants around. Majority of them are open only from Wednesday or even Thursday and kitchens close around 8 PM. Yes, very early. Luckily we’ve found a decent Asian (Thai and Chinese) restaurant at the Star Hotel. The Food there is delicious, fresh and well done. If you will be around – highly recommended.

Our accommodation: Big 4 Lake Conjola Active Holidays (website).

More information about Ullaulla and what you can do here. 


7 thoughts on “Ulladulla Winter Surf

  1. Tamara - 10.09.2016

    These pictures are lovely! I’ve never been to Australia but hubby and I have now friends there which gives us the excuse to visit it!

    Have a great weekend!


    Tamara –

  2. Namrata - 11.09.2016

    Wow. Such an awesome read. This post makes my visit so easy. . Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Brittany from Boston - 13.09.2016

    Sounds like a ton of fun!

  4. Jalisa - 13.09.2016

    I’ve heard so much about Australia’s beaches and these photos prove just how beautiful they are! I’ve never been before, but it’s definitely on my must travel list! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



  5. Emily - 18.09.2016

    Aw I love your photos! Especially the kangaroo haha. I didn’t know traveling in Australia was so cheap during the winter months. Sounds like you had a great time!


  6. Atsuna Matsui - 18.09.2016

    You’re making me have wanderlust! I want to go on vacation soon to travel to paradise.


  7. Dana Gibson - 01.12.2016

    Love Australia and was there last year. Your pictures are making me want to go back as soon as possible! Thanks for posting this, I’m going to start packing asap!

    Dana Gibson

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