2 days Road trip South from Sydney to Ulladulla.

Today we are travelling south to Sandon Point, Wollongong, Kiama and Ulladulla!

Here is just a quick idea and travel inspiration for your next road trip.

You will love it especially if you are interested in Surfing and if you are looking for good big long right-hand waves around Sydney during wintertime in Australia.

Ulladulla areaUlladulla waves

If you have a couple of days off and looking for a destination around Sydney to visit, consider Ulladulla area. Wintertime is not very crowded and the accommodation prices drop a lot as it is a low season.

We stayed in the Sea Escape units for 2 nights. The place was comfortable and there was a small kitchen, which was enough to make breakfast and even dinner. Location was convenient and despite the fact that it was close to the road, it was quiet and we had a nice sleep.

If you are looking for a budget surf accommodation around that area, check out the ‘Ulladulla Lodge’, which is clean, quiet and cheap.

Places where you can find surf:

Australian wildlife


Winter in Australia




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