St Valentine day ideas. How to make this day special.

No idea of what to give on St Valentines day?

This day is almost here, but you do not have any thoughts of what to do and what gift to make? Here are some ideas for you.

So how to give a sign to a girl that she is precious to you and how to make her happy? Here are a few gifts ideas for the St Valentine day. For her and for him.


St Valentine for her


*open read more for more info and ideas for him

1. Pandora symbol of love bracelet or Symbols of love from a special limited edition collection 2015. If your lady already has Pandora bracelet, she will be happy to have new parts that will remind her of this special day and of you. She will appreciate this gift and will consider you as very thoughtful to her.

2. Sephora gift card – If you are very unsure what to give – Sephora gift card offers a large variety of choice to a woman. She will be happy to spend time and pick whatever she wants from any cosmetic brand represented in Sephora store. You can choose any amount of a gift that you are ready to spend.

3. Body shop gift set A cosmetic gifts set were created to make anyone happy. They have a few different sets to choose from.

4. If you want to give her memories – organize a romantic adventure for both of you. For some ideas you can check groupons and coupons online offers, there you will find offers for trips, adventures romantic dinners,  spa offers and more on specials, discounts and sales. Make sure your woman has time, and she has not planned anything this day.

5. Kiss pop lipstick collection. If you want to wow your woman and give a big surprise – every woman will be very surprised and pleasured by incredible lipsticks set by Marc Jacobs. 9 long – wearing shades in a beautiful box will make every very woman pleased. This limited edition treasure  will surprise even a woman already has everything, and it is very difficult to pick a gift for her. You can also find it at Sephora stores.

6. SPA gift card/ certificate. Every girl needs a relaxation and a beauty treat. Manicure & pedicure gift card is something that everyone will appreciate. Or SPA treatment and massage certificate. There are also options with a spa for two. Thus you can spend pleasant time together in case if you might be interested in SPA.

7. A lovely surprise is a little pet that every day makes her laugh and happy and also will remind of you and of your love. Make sure you know she likes kittens or puppies and she does not have an allergy.

8. Something cute. 95 % of girls would love to get a Teddy bear. If she is girly or/and you been to her place and know that she keeps some plush creatures, she would totally love teddy bear.

9. Beautiful lingerie. If you are not sure about the size- it is always easy to get a gift cards. Majority of the shops offer it for sale. Eg Victoria Secret gift card of any department store gift card. Also, check online lingerie shops gift cards.

10. Restaurants and flowers. Any Valentine’s day is supposed to be a romantic date and might be a dinner in a restaurant. Ideally it supposed to be accomplished with some flowers and a little gift as a sign of attention and care to the lady however not necessarily.

11. Handmade gifts are always pressures. It is usually something what you prepared in advance and put your soul in it. It requires time and creativity. You need to be sure that it has to be good for use or to place on the shelf, not to the garbage bin =) . Possible drawback – she might have an impression that you are cheap and do not want to spend anything on her, depends on a girl and her ambitions.

It is crucial do not forget of attention to her in this day. You will need to show how much you love her and how much she is precious for you. If you have some financial difficulties, do not leave your valentine without any sign of love or a gift. At least you can prepare a romantic dinner with candles and sweets and give her or him a massage by yourself with some essential oils and beautiful music on a background. It is still better to make a little physical gift – something that reminds of this day. Even if it is a handmade card with your handwritings/ or  a simple photo frame with a picture of you two together.

Remember that the gift are good on time, and it is more appreciated in a special day.  Even if she does not say anything in respect to you if you ignore this day, she will be disappointed in you. If you think that you can make a surprise later one day you can upset a girl. Girls are looking forward for a special day and sign of attention and care from you. At least give her little romantic card with words of love and how important she is for you.  In general girls are material, and any girl loves gift even if she is shy and says she does not need anything. From a long time ago men were claiming for love of a lady with precious gifts, achievements and acts of bravery. Nowadays you can always find a variety of ideas of surprises.

Any day in a year can be special and if you feel love for her – gift can also be a good birthday gift ideas of a casual day surprise. Why not to make her happy if it is not only a holiday ? Will be  even bigger surprise if she is not expecting. More likely a woman will be proud of you and fall in love with you again and again.


St Valentine gift ideas for him


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It is not a secret that woman and men are different creatures with different psychology and thoughts on same things. If a man more likely does not care about any gift, you still will make him happy with any sign of attention and love to him. Think of what is his favorite hobby and check what you can pick for it. Gift cards or adventure is also a good idea, so have a look at groupons and coupons websites for ideas. Why do not you organize a beautiful picnic with some lunch? If he likes massage, give him a session of a massage with oil. To make it unforgettable find the secrets of an extraordinary erotic massage tricks or think of how else you can spoil him?

To surprise him, you can also cook any of his favorite food and serve it in a heart shape.  Here are some cool examples  of what to cook for him on St Valentine’s day. 

valentine's recepy1


Give something that  illustrates how you care about your partner.  For example, a scarf will reminds of you when it is cold, and this scarf will make him feel warm. If you do not know just get a gift card from a department store and put it in a card with a romantic words how important he is for you.

So St Valentine’s gift is usually a romantic gift. It does not have to be big but something that is given with big love and care.

What to do if you do not have any boyfriend or girlfriend? Do not be upset and give your love to your friends, show them how much you love them and care. Love will fulfill you in a future.

What are you St Valentines gifts ideas? Comment below 

With big love to everyone,




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